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SP-BS22-LR Mounting

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Quick question, there is no screw on the back of these for mounting. There are nice sized holes in the back of these speakers, are these for mounting? Would the below part work out for this?

I was trying to avoid purchasing the mounting with the flat base that the speakers would sit on.

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Those Pioneer speakers are over 9lbs each and 12.5" tall. Max on that mount is 8lbs and I wouldn't trust that much. You need something sturdier than that.

with their curved cabinet these speakers really weren't made to be wall mounted.

What are the holes like on the back. Do you have pics?.
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Ok, I took a picture of the back. Please let me know! Thanks. IMG_0051.JPG 793k .JPG file
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Those speakers cannot be wall mounted because of the rear port(that's the large open hole). That's also why there are no mounting screw holes on them. I was also considering these until I found this out.
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Ah damn. I was not sure what that was called or if it was for a special mounting bracket! -.-

I will buy a flat speaker stand than and use velcro on the bottom to hold it in place. Thanks
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Either that, or just use a small shelf.
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bump for more options or stand recommendations
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Originally Posted by xkaijinx View Post

It looks like this would work the best for wall mounting.


Originally Posted by Sacc Attack View Post

bump for more options or stand recommendations

Those in the link above are probably going to be your best option for mounting.
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bought the mounts linked above. thanks. will report back on how they work out. Was hoping to avoid drilling holes to help the house sell easier someday but I think it's unavoidable. Going to build a shelf for the front channel too.
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