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My GT50 purchased in Aug. has extreme dithering that I can see very easily from 10' away, I have seen it on Blue-Ray and on HD cablebox. . I have read that dithering is normal to see from up close but I can plainly see it from a distance. I have played it on custom with C-net settings and on THK and still see the problem. I would appreciate some help by the knowledgeable people on this forum.
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It's very possible that your brightness setting is a couple of clicks too high. The only way to know for sure is to run one of the calibration disc brightness patterns and veryify that you get absolutely no dithering on that pattern.

Another easy way if you don't have a disc is to pop in a blu-ray that is encoded in the 2.35 or 2.40 aspect ratio, then check if there is dithering in the black bars. If there is, then lower your brightness one notch at a time till it disappears. (feel free to get very close to the set to tell)

It is possible to then see dithering in the actual movie itself during dark scenes, but this is usually normal and attributed to the disc if it was a badly mastered disc.
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Thank you I will try your suggestions.
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On my Samsung e450 if I turn brightmess down till the dithering flickering pixels disappear I get too much black crush in the blacker blacks so I keep my brightness a lot higher than most.Unfortunately it washes out on bright screens though.if I go through grayscale ramps thoroughly I can reduce a tiny bit of it.
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brightness is too high would be my guess. put up something that's supposed to be solid black, put your face right up to the screen, and turn the brightness down until you can see no pixels jumping.
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