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Hi all.

I'm having an issue with my Harmony 550 remote in conjunction with my Pioneer VXS-919 amp. It's always been there but I've never got around to fixing it but my kids can now control the remote and its becoming a hassle.

If I power off my "WatchTV" activity the remote will turn off my amp and TV, leving my satellite receiver on (which is good). When I want to watch TV again I'll press "WatchTV" from my activity list and everything turns on properly and the correct HDMI input is selected on my Pioneer amp but only the audio is sent to my Toshiba TV. In order to get the picture back I toggle between HDMI inputs (HMDI 1, HDMI 2 or BD) when I land on HDMI 1 again it works. If I power off while watching another Activity (i.e. WatchDVD) and then choose "WatchTV" the next time everything works fine. It seems to me that when I power off and try to go back to the same activity my Pioneer amp doesn't "refresh" the input?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.