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Rotel system thread ... need help with setup.

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hello all,

This is my first post in the audio section of the site and would like some advice on a ROTEL RTC970 system ( about 13 yrs old )

Not sure if i can find some expertise in these forums as I would like to rewire my 3 component TUNER, AMP and PRE-AMP.

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You are leaving me quite confused as to what you are trying to change or accomplish.

Do you have a 2-channel system and want to change to 5.1 or some other configuration.?

Or do you just have that gear and want to put it together for stereo listening?

You need to be much more clear and specific if you want some useful advice.

I assume there are some speakers lurking in there somewhere also...lol.
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I apologize for being unclear...

I'm actually going from a 5.1 to a 2.1 and would need to rewire everything.
So basically I have two tall speakers and a woofer and would need a basic diagram on what hooks up where confused.gif
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welcome to avs forums jrmtl.
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jrmtl so the wire in the pre amp is bad?
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jr try audio karma. a lot of older model equipment is talked about on that site. maybe someone will help you on that site.
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The concept is pretty simple. Tuner outputs connect to inputs on the preamp using common paired or stereo red/white analog interconnects often referred to as RCA or sometimes even phono or phone cord/plugs (obviously not all the correct term). Look for either tuner or aux inputs on the preamp.

Then the pream is connected to the amplifier using a similar stereo interconnect, going from the front left and right outputs of the preamp to the left/right inputs of the amplifier.

Your preamp should have a single subwoofer output that connects to your subs input using a similar but single interconnect.

Then simply connect power amp to speakers using common speaker wire, "zip cord", or whatever other name you may find attached to insulated multistrand 12 to 16 gage paired conductors.

Is that what you were looking for?
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