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Advice Needed for Perforated (Woven?) Screen

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I have been tasked with putting together a home theater for a friend. He wants a 120" diagonal screen and will use a new JVC X75 projector. Great sound is a must but doesn't want to to have speakers on the floor. I have recommended against in-wall speakers (it's the hard core audiophile in me :-) ) but I don't know if the projector will have enough light output for a screen that size with speakers behind the screen.

The room will be about 16' X 26'. New construction so everything is on the table.



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Seymore Centerstage, Elite with either 4k or 1080-2 material, or you could go with something microperf from Stewart if you don't mind spending a bit more. Built a false wall (aka screen wall) and place the speakers behind the screen. Make sure all the surfaces in that area are properly dampened and blacked out.
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Any link to info on creating a false/screen/baffle wall?
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There is a little bit of material on baffle wall design in Procella's design guide. You can incorporate some cool lighting effects with screen walls (put lights behind the screen shining up at speakers).

With respect to the screen - I would aim for 28ftL for the screen brightness, that will allow for lamp dimming over the life of the projector whilst hitting the SMPTE / THX recommendations. Likely you'd need the 1.2 gain Seymour CenterStage XD material for that.
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