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Roku 2 XS or WDTV Live?

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Pretty simple requirement. We have all our media/movies stored on a WHS2011 server, and I'm running the latest Plex server on this. I want to put two small, easy to use streamers in our kids bedrooms, probably connected over powerline ethernet. The kids have standard 720P LCD's with an HDMI input.

DVD's are stored in the server in VIDEO_TS format, with a few 1080P MKV's (shouldn't be an issue with Plex though). In the UK, we only have the choice of the Roku LT or XS, and as the XS is the model with the ethernet port, that's the one I've shortlisted, and I know this has a 'real' Plex client available as well. I also think there's a Plex client for the WDTV.

So, it needs to be simple to use and reliable. I don't want it to be dropped either like Netgear did with the NEOTV550 I bought a while back, so good, long term manufacturer support is a must.

There seems to be a lot of users of both systems, so I'd be interested in what people think. Price is about the same in the UK for the XS and WDTV. I always thought I'd get WDTV's, but having held off, the Roku's seem to be getting a lot more popular now.
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As you are in the UK, if you have any intention of using the device with netflix in conjunction with a service such as unblockus to enable you to access all the netflix regions, then the WD has the advantage of being able to get to the DNS settings within the WD device itself. With the Roku, you have to modify them at router level (if the router allows it).

I bought my WDTV purely for netflix access, so can't coment on it's streaming of ripped videos capabilities as I use my HTPC for that.
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Thanks. We don't use Netflix and the moment (I did trial it though). Netflix are actually in the UK now anyway, so if I did decide to subscribe, I'd only be accessing local content.
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WDTV would be better for local content. Roku would be better for internet content.

You should try the WDTV first based on what you say you want to do. We have a Roku for Internet content and Roku Plex client for local content. We love our Roku but have been plagued with minor Plex playback glitches on local files ever since I set it up. We get the same occasional blocking and stuttering that so many other's have gotten. The last Plex upgrade helped some but did not eliminate it. Although I have never had a WDTV, I'm pretty sure it will stream your local content directly without any trouble. If so, you are all set. I understand the WDTV has pretty good basic internet as well if you should ever decide to explore that.
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