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I have acquired a DMP-BD30 and upon trying it I have found that it plays every DVD I have tried. However, I have 2 blu-ray discs;
1; Avatar. plays perfectly (albeit a little slow to load)
2; Mad Max 2. this film has loaded but usually doesn't.

Before I start buying blu-rays I want to ensure the machine is working. I have cleaned the lens. The software currently loaded is version 1.7. The latest version on the Panasonic site is 2.7 which I have downloaded and extracted. I have made an ISO with 2 different applications but I get the same result with each of them.

On closing the tray with my update disc in it I get the message "bye" followed by "L FVU" but then I get "E DISC" and the disc is ejected.

What am I doing wrong?

Can anyone provide a step-by-step guide to updating this machine?