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Metro Atlanta: Rooftop antenna wired into existing satellite cable

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Hi guys,

I am very new to antenna/satellite installation. We got rid of Dish Network a while back (over a year ago) and have since been using a cheap nonamplified indoor antenna. Our reception is pretty spotty, particularly when it's overcast outside so I'm looking to install a roof top antenna and wire it into the preinstalled coaxial cable through our home. Here is the antenna I'm looking to purchase LINK.

We live in a three story townhouse (about 20 miles North of Atlanta) so since I will be using approximately 30-40 ft of wiring to connect the antenna to the near-ground "inputs" I've read that I should use a signal amplifier. I've also heard of a pre-amplifier installed right next to the antenna - but don't know which is which, to get both, or are they essentially the same thing? Here's a link of the pre-amp I've been looking at LINK.

My last question is I have two coaxial "inputs" and a grounding wire near the ground level of my house. I assume one of the coaxial "inputs" receives the signal from the antenna, but what do I need to do with the 2nd "input"? And since the ground "inputs" are already grounded do I need to ground closer to the antenna?

Here's a photo of the preexisting wiring outside (ground level) that our satellite dish was connected to. Do I need to split the line coming from the antenna into these?

I apologize for my dumb questions! TIA


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You should enter your location into www.tvfool.com and copy/paste
results URL into a post so we can see which Preamp (if any) is suitable in your location. High Gain Preamps, like the cited RCA item, is susceptible to strong signal "overload" (actually intermod noise on weak channels).

If antenna is located in the vicinity of the existing ground block (such as attached to eave ledger board), then a short ground wire can be attached from the ground block to the antenna mount. If using an antenna mast, the ground wire would connect to ground clamp on the bottom of the mast. Of course, the existing safety ground connection from the ground block needs to be connected to a NEC Code approved grounding point....which might be a NEARBY power breaker panel or other suitable safety ground...to minimize the ionization path to ground as a direct strike turns the ground wires to copper and plastic vapor.....don't rely on a path THROUGH the structure.

Connection of the antenna to the two coax cables depends on how they were run. If both cables run directly to the SAME location (e.g. Dish SatA/B or Sat1/2), then you simply connect antenna to one of the coax cables. If the two cables run to SEPARATE rooms (e.g. Dish PRO with Multiswitch IN the Dish), then you would need an RF Splitter to feed the antenna signals to both rooms. The RF Splitter should be mounted UNDER the eaves to minimize moisture leaking into the connectors.
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Please read the stickies before posting.

We need a location in the TITLE and tvfool info in the first post.
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20 miles away should not require an amplifier if you have good line of sight to the towers. As suggested, post your tvfool results so we can get a better idea of reception in your area.
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