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For Sale:
Dalite 2.8 High Power 133" Diag 16:9 Cinema Contour

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

This is the 2.8 version of the High Power. Velour Cinema Contour frame.

Local pickup in Nashville, TN only.

This price is extremely aggressive as it has a tiny spot on the left side where I tried to scratch off a small speck I saw and didn't realize I scratched off the gain coating . It cannot be seen in regular material, in fact I have had the screen down for months and didn't sell it since my theater was deconstructed down to the studs and I couldn't test to see if I could see the scratch (I made the scratch originally after I had taken the screen down and was inspecting it to sell it). Now that my new theater is up and running, I placed this screen in front of my current one and couldn't find the spot, even though I new about where it was. It would only be visible on a stark white screen where the speck would appear darker when you are sitting in the perfect viewing cone of the high power gain. Even on that screen, it goes away if you move a foot or two to the side of the highest power gain area of the screen. My friend, who also owns the same HP screen, his wife, and my wife all looked for it and couldn't find it. I just want to make sure I have full disclosure on the screen. I pride myself on my things being in great condition and any buyer being happy. Also, if you got it and didn't like it right away, I would take it back within 2 days of the sale. The speck is about the size of Lincoln's jaw on a penny, so very small, especially on something 133" diagonal. I have a picture I can send of the area if you like. Anyway, it is a used screen, so I assume no one thinks its going to be absolutely perfect, but I would want anyone to know what they are getting as closely as possible.
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