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Blown Focal Sib

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I'm asking for recommendations. I had a Focal Sib & Cube 5.1 setup powered by a Pioneer SC-1222. I blew my front two Sib speakers. I can't find individual Sib speakers for sale to replace them I can only find 5.1 packages. Any suggestions what I should replace the two with? I thought about buying another 5.1 package and expanding my speakers to 7 channels but the room is really too small for 7 speakers and I would rather upgrade the front two so I don't risk blowing them again.

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These come up on Ebay UK from dealers - why not just buy a couple from there - postage is not that expensive & USA Import Duty is only 4.5% as far as I know - usually at some pretty good prices - will still work out much cheaper than buying a new full 5 speaker set up.

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I can find Sib on Ebay UK for $220 USD each. The Sib XL's are $400 each. Since I'm forced to buy something, now is my chance to upgrade. Anyone know why the Sib XL's are scarce and seemingly unpopular?
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Hi Again,

There is a guy on AVForums UK (of which I also belong) who is selling 3 x SibXL & 2 x Sibs - you might want to ask if he is willing to ship to you in the USA - I think you might get a good deal:


They also come up regularly on Ebay UK & good deals can be had so don't rush for just is available at the moment if they are priced too high!

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If you are looking to recoup some costs I am looking for a base and pivot that I lost for a focal sib speaker.  If you are willing to sell a base and pivot I would really appreciate it.  I placed an ad in the personals but I doubt that will pan out.


Here is a link to my ad.


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