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3d movie playing problems

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I have a brand new Samsung 55" 3d led tv 7100 series,a brand new Bose lifestyle 135 sound bar system, and a PS3 older non slim model. I've updated everthing to current firmware. My problem is that while watching a 3d movie the tv screen splits into two. Movie is playing on the top half and bottom half of screen in 2d for a few seconds then switches back to 3d this is complety random. Bose already replaced ther system. Samsung says it's not there problem. If i hook ps3 up directly to tv 3d movies play fine. I've tried 4 diffrent hdmi cables( 2 of them are brand new say 3d ready on them). It dosen't seem to be a hdmi cable problem. I've changed many diffrent setting on tv and ps3 yet nothing seems to help. I did a complete restore on the ps3 still didn't change anything. Any ideas?
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Sounds to me like your Bose system is not HDMI v1.4 compliant. If the Bose unit does not support that standard (which is required for 3D playback) and you are feeding the signal from the PS3 thru the Bose and then to the TV you won't get a 3D picture. The fact that you get a clean 3D image when going directly from the PS3 to the TV further supports the idea that the problem is with the Bose.
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This is a known issue. I have the exact same problem and I just got answer from Bose:

An issue occurs when watching 3D blu-ray movies through Bose Lifestyle systems (T, V, 135, 235) on the latest Samsung 3D TVs (e.g. UExxESyyyy):
3D video is interrupted every 5~6 minutes, resulting in black screen or split screen for a few seconds.

The U.S. development team is analyzing the issue and looking for a possible fix.
At this moment, there is nothing that we can do to fix the issue. So there is no reason to send these units in for repair.

The only work around for the time being is to connect the Blu-ray player’s HDMI output directly to the TV and an additional audio connection to the Bose Lifestyle system when watching 3D movies.
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The Bose system supports HDMI 1.4a so it's supports 3D.
This issue is going to be solved with future firmware updates from Bose.
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Have you heard anything about this recently? The last firmware updated for these systems I found was from December and it doesn't address this problem.

I have a newer Samsung TV and the Bose Lifestyle v35 and it is doing this exact same thing. It's very specific in how it happens however. It seems that the TV is detecting 24p/24Hz from the source and switching to that mode. The source device sending 3D in 24p through the Bose to the Samsung TV and the TV changing to 24p mode is specifically the problem. I have DirecTV as well and it has 2 3D channels, one that shows TV shows in 3D and one that shows movies in 3D. Going to the normal channel the TV stays in 60p mode and doesn't black out. Switching to the movie channel the TV switches to 24p mode and the blackouts happen about every minute. This is the same behavior with the blu-ray player. Watching 2D movies in 24p is fine.

Hooking the devices directly up to the TV without the Bose system fixes the issue. So there is obviously a problem with the firmware on the Bose unit. I called Bose today and the person I talked to didn't sound like he was aware of the issue and suggested either the Bose unit or the TV could be bad. I don't think that's the case. Like you, I think it's a firmware issue.

I was curious if you've heard anything else and who you talked to at Bose to get the response you listed. I would like to follow up with them.
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