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So I keep looking up things to do to decrease lag however I can but not sacrifice much video quality. Atm here's my set up with my Sony Bravia kdl32ex500

Both ps3 and 360 have same settin with ps3 full rgb super white on, 360 expanded rgb

Hdmi connection
Soruce labeled as pc(read helps with lag)
General setting
Picture mode, custom
Backlight 4
Picture 69
Brightness 62
Color 50
Hue g1
Color temp neutral
Sharpness 7
Noise reduction/mpeg NR off
Motionflow off(actually like it but lag is an issue so leave it off)
Cinemotion off
Adv contrast low
Black corrector off
Gamma +2
Clear white high
Live Color low
White balance:
R gain -4
G gain -3
B gain -27
R bias 0
G bias+1
B bias +2

I got the white balance off of a forum here. Anyway thats my crrent set up for gaming. I already have one I ue for movies so that's not an issue. Mostly I play fps and action, hack n slash, so I can have much lag. But I like how it looks better on general, not game. So I wanna know how to get the best of both. The above is the results.