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My Sony Blu-Ray is connected to my receiver through HDMI cable and works great when playing movies.
But I just noticed recently that my receiver is not playing music through Sony Blu-Ray. It can only be heard if "Pure Direct" is turned on. If you switch to other sound model "drama, sci-fi, straight....", you hear nothing. What surprised me more is that, if I turn on the TV, the music can be heard in all type of sound model including "PURE DIRECT". The sound stays on if the TV is turned off.
I tried reset the unit, and checked all settings are correct according to the manual.

Is there any reason or it is a bug? Any fix? (No issue if connected through optical cable)

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This is Yamaha customer support...

We just saw your post and can offer from insight. Generally speaking, when you have all devices connected via HDMI there needs to be a "sync" between all connected devices. When you play just audio through the BD player, but through the HDMI connection, the BD player is looking for the TV to complete the "sync". However, because the TV is powered off, but still connected, this can cause the audio output of the BD player to mute. The reason why the audio comes on when you activate the 'pure duirect' mode on the receiver is because in that mode the receiver turns off the video. You can see a similar effect if you unplug the HDMI output from the back of the Yamaha.

As a work around we would suggest running a separate audio cable from the BD player to the Yamaha for theimtes that you want to listen to just audio and not have the TV powered on.

If you have any further questions please contact our support team @ 1-800-292-2982.
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Thank YamahaAV for kind reply. I am very impressed that Yamaha customer service is reply my question. Good work!

You are right. I unplugged the HDMI cable to TV and the audio came out from Blu-ray player, whatever it is a music or movie. As per your suggestion, I hooked my Blu-ray with an optical cable too.
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