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Can I turn off pixel oriber on Viera (for good? reason).

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This is absolutely geeky, I know, but I play call of duty and I place a small piece of painters tape in the middle of the screen right where my red dot/aimer/sights are. I use it as a point of reference when i'm looking at something so i'm always not too far off when I go to aim. Anyways, I just switched from lcd to a used 46pz80u and when the pixels move around for the anti retention pixel orbiter feature, it makes me have to follow it around the screen with the piece of tape. I noticed i had my input label set to game and that made the pixel orbiter stuck in "automatic". i just switched it to cable and now i can change it to "force" and pick a number between 1-4. Basically what I'm curious about is, is there a way to fully shut it up? If not, what is the way to make it happen least? I'm wonder if force 1 will make it just rotate all around the dot ever minute and keep it close? or force 4 might make it happen less? in auto it'd sometimes end up at least an 1/8th inch away from the centre tape. it didn't seem to move in a pattern of any sort. I did a bunch of searching and can't seem to get a full break down on exactly what the orbiter does down to which way it'll shift and I also can't seem to find any way to turn it off. I got the TV for 100 bucks, so not too worried about any burn in
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I'm not sure how bad that model is when it comes to IR - just monitor it at first..turn pixel orbiter off - play for an 30mins to an hour or so then run slides to see how bad the IR is.

Then run scrolling bars/noise/other fullscreen content as required. If its particularly bad - just run scrolling bars between every match. That should minimize any IR, then when you have time - run noise (can find videos that mimic noise), or scrolling bars - or just fullscreen content without solid logos for awhile

Pixel Orbiter doesnt help *that* much..just kinda blends IR around the affected area
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There doesn't seem to be a way to turn it off, that's pretty much what I'm asking about. Or at least what combination of settings will make it least often. even if i could just get it to go around in a circle by 1 pixel that'd be good but it seems to go towrds one of the corners for a few adjustments
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I had a similar display and couldn't find an option to disable it completely. Your best bet would be to set it to custom and then browse all the menus for a way to disable it.
It sounds like the pixel orbiter is periodic:

So i guess the numbers relate to minutes rather than pixels.
If you can find a very dark gray/ light black test image and you can see the individuals pixels you could get a good idea of what they are doing,
Assuming the black level on your screen is similar to the px80u you could use the black bars you get when watching a movie and bring the brightness control up and the contrast setting down until the pixels are dimly lit within the black bars.
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