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Few questions and some help needed.

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I'll probably get chewed because I did this wrong, but at this point a bit frustrated...

Went to best buy, and a couple of local retailers over the weekend trying to find the "right" tv. Need something 65sh, and am twisted between a few models. I am trying to decide between going inexpensive with the 65in vizio for 1600sh, the 70in sharp, or the 65in plasma panasonic for 3200 (i thought...now I find this model a lot cheaper at several online retailers). Any opinions or help would be great? Also, has anyone dealt with abes, powerseller of nyc, or east cost tv?

Lastly, I need a 60 in tv for my bedroom, and I really want to stay in the 1k range. Any suggestions?

If you ask why so large I'm 18ft from these tvs in both rooms.
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It would help to know what sort of lighting conditions you'll have in your new set's room, whether there will be a lot of off-center veiwing positions, what sort of source material is most important for you and what aspects of picture quality are most important to you.

As for vendors I'm a little conservative and prefer to do business either locally or with online vendors with liberal return policies to facilitate easy stress-free returns if necessary. Many online retailers won't accept returns at all on larger sets leaving you to deal with mfg. warranty if the set's defective.
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Lighting won't be too bright at all really. I keep the blinds shut most of the time anyways, and home after dark as it is. Plus, big fan of dimmers. It will be sitting at eye level. For 75% of the viewing it will be straight on, and prob the other 25% 140-150DEGREES. I'm replacing the xbr 1080p lcd rear projection from a few years ago that I purchased. The old me would go pay all the money, and buy a new xbr, but at todays prices/technology that seems hard to swallow. The vizio has great reviews on sams site, but not a lot else where. Bang for the buck is def with it. I've never had a plasma, and that is a bit of concern for myself.
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Sharp for reliability, Vizio for price.
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