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Replacing my Onkyo TX-SR606

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Hello, I have the Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver (HTIB 7.1 system) and it is suffering from one of the known issues with bad caps on the HDMI board. I am looking to replace it, possibly something bigger with a little more, but do not know the specs of the speakers that came packaged with it. Due to the experience, I'm not sure if I want another Onkyo and have been thinking about checking out Yamaha. How far can I go with these speakers, or what do you guys recommend as a great replacement receiver?

( I am aware of Onkyo sending out vouchers to have this problem fixed, however I'd rather replace the receiver as the nearest approved repair shop is extremely far from me) Thank you guys in advance.
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I was in your shoes a couple of weeks ago. I had an Onkyo 604 and wanted something different. I was trying to decide between Denon and Yamaha. I went to Best Buy and they had the Denon 1613 and I was shocked at the difference in sound from my Onkyo. I thought it was because they had upper-end speakers and special sound insulation. I found a Denon 1613 as an open box and I pulled the trigger. After I ran Audyssey, set the speakers to small and changed the crossover to 80, I couldn't believe the difference from my Onkyo. Imaging and surround sounds I've never heard from my old receiver. I played Avatar when the main character goes into the jungle, the surround of the bugs flying around was amazing. The 1613 can tune your sub and the AudysseyEQ makes a big difference.
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Thats awesome, and your speakers from the 604 hold up just fine? the 1613 is a nice receiver, I just need to find a 7.1 version of it.
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how do you guys feel about the Denon AVR-2113CI? To much for my 606 speakers?
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IMO the best use for your money is to send the receiver in for repair and get better speakers.

That receiver will sound fine when you get rid of your speakers and get good ones.

You can spend $1000 on a receiver and those speakers will still sound like what they are.
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