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I purchased a Samsung PN51E7000 a few weeks ago at very good price and I generally love the picture. I should be satisfied and move on, right? smile.gif:. Well, maybe, but at the time I was also looking at the 55 inch Panasonic UT50 (which after tax etc., would cost only about $100 less). It seemed to me that the two TVs were in different categories, and so I should just go with the "higher level;" Samsung. Now that I realize I am probably rarely going to use some of the features on the Sammy (like wifi and the better 3D) I am wondering if I would be better off with the somewhat larger set and I have also heard that the Panasonic blacks are somewhat better than the Samsung (I don't really have an issue with the Samsung blacks, but I do notice the black bars in movies aren't quite "true black").

I am sitting about 8 - 8 1/2 feet from the screen and watch mostly Blu Ray and streamed movies. Will the 4 inch difference at that distance really matter? Is there any reason to consider changing? I know the TV usually compared to the E7000 in the Panasonic range is is the GT50, but the price of that set is considerably more money.