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HTPC software

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I have a Lenovo Q180 with Win7 Home Premium lying around and was thinking about turning it into a HTPC. I would use a HDHomerun dual for TV interface (I am 1 mile LOS from Sutro Tower and get 60 digital channels OTA from my 4 bay Wingard). Which software would you recommend from among:

NextPVR – DVR for Windows
MediaPortal – DVR for Windows
Windows Media Center

Any others on your short list?

How about the HDHomerun, a good choice??
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I've used all 3.

NPVR (formerly GBPVR) is the first DVR I used. Allows you to use PCs as extenders.
I decided to switch to Windows Media Center a few years ago because I was having many issues with it. I usually mess around with it whenever a new version comes out but have never been able to get it to work without issues. I do have to say that the author offers great support and their forums are very helpful.

Windows Media Center is the easiest to setup and has a great interface. The issue with it is that you can't use other pc's as true extenders. In other words no Unified Guide. No stop in one room and resume in another. You either have to get an XBOX 360, Echo, or some discontinued used extenders on ebay.

MediaPortal (what i'm currently using) has a bit of a learning curve. But once you have it setup It's very stable (at least for me). Even more stable than WMC. I used to be afraid to Windows Update my systems for fear of it breaking something. (which happened to me a couple of times. My experience, yours may differ). Especially the new 1.3.0 Beta version. The new Titan skin is great. Although I still miss the quick categories section in WMC's guide. The reason I switched to MediaPortal is that you can use another pc as an extender. So I can stop watching something in one room and resume in another.
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WMC is by far the easiest to set up for live TV and DVR. IMO, it completely puts every other DVR software to shame in that respect. I would say try that first.

The HDHomerun is superb. My #1 recommendation.
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