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For aesthetics reasons I don't want to swap out my factory head unit. All I listen to are CDs and the radio so I don't see much need to upgrade for the sake of getting more features other than maybe Bluetooth hands free calling. So maybe this is actually a two part question.

1. I haven't bought a head unit in over a decade -- is it possible to get a nice aesthetic appearance/factory look out of an aftermarket unit? This is for a 2008 Tacoma.

2. If I stick with the factory head unit is my only choice of amplification to find an amp with speaker level inputs or are there other options? What am I giving up if I go this route? The speakers I'm driving are Polk MM6501:

I am not terribly cost sensitive, and although I really prefer DIY just because I enjoy the work, I could see myself taking it to a professional place if the look would be worth it.