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New home and have a few solutions needed

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I had originally planned to do a more extensive home automation setup, but decided to trim it back due to cost(for now). I am wiring the whole house for future goodies,but have a few items that are must haves and I am trying to decide the best way to attack them in the most elegant "stand alone" solution.

1)I have electric rollers shades that I want to open and close are predetermined times (or manually of course). They have standalone boxes, but I was trying to combine the solution with something more refined (combine with some of the other things below) so that I dont have 'wall warts" all over my modern home.

2)I have a courtyard style home, so you have to walk through a gate in the front to get to the front door. I want to have keypad access (for myself and friends) to unlock the electro-mag gate. But I also want people to be able to ring a door bell there, and I buzz them in via a button near my front door. I would also want a video camera facing them, with a display next to my front door (small display is fine).

A bonus would be able to view the camera/buzz in from my phone.

Since the roller shade controller would be near the front door, combing all of this into a single panel would be great (ipad as the control?) but I am open to suggestions.

3)Turn off all master room/bath/etc lights from a single off next to my bed. it looks like this is a simple Insteon solution.

Cost is a major concern because my budget for the above stuff is virtually zero. Otherwise I would put in a central home automation setup and handle these tasks with that.

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I need a car that does 180 mph and can handle really well at high speeds. It must have killer looks and make women want me. I have enough money for a cab ride, so which car should I get?
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Gallardo. Budget friendly that does all of that.
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If you consider a Gallardo "budget friendly" you should install a C4 and a Crestron. biggrin.gifwink.gif
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hehe smile.gif

(its all relative, right?) I was kidding obviously. For a "baller on a budget" i would get an older black BMW 3 series, debadge it, throw on some 19" wheels, lower it and tell all the "honies" its an M3. They wont know the different.

Ok, all kidding aside.. I know I am not going to get my solution for free. But when making a decision on purchasing something like this, you can look at it from:

Sex appeal (ipad control vs analog buttons)

My goals are
1) Has to provide the above functions
2)Cost is second most important

There are 1,000,000+ ways to execute on my requirements. wen you toss in only seeking my requirements with out massive expandablity (C4, etc) with a secondary target of COST I had ASSumed that somebody would be able to help set me up. I think I am going to lean toward an all insteon setup with a stand alone mag lock/exit/buzz in/keypad setup. I can probably do everything for under 2K, dont see how I would integrate insteon into the gate control but maybe its possible. The industry seems fairly fragmented, so i was looking for some help... thats all.
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HAI would be a good choice, to tie everything together, including the future stuff.

Before you buy anything, talk with a local HAI dealer, about immediate needs and future plans.
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