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Connected home accessable from another location

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I'm usually in the gaming and content streaming forums, but I have a new project I want to get started on. I have another home that is a get away house I only go to a fraction of the year. What I want to do is make my HVAC, security and possibly some plugs accessible to control and manage from my main house. What systems do you recommend I look into?

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Elk M1 and HAI OPII are 2 systems to consider, though it will be a good deal of time and effort to DIY. Pro-installed might be a consideration.
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Maybe something like Lowes Iris or 2gig or alarm.com based around a security system with minimal automation features and can use cellular connections. Or if you have internet you could consider 3 standalone interfaces: wifi thermostat, web interface for alarm system (envisalink or similar), and belkin wemo outlets.
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Yeah the house has DSL. I will check these suggestions out.

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My choice is Elan. Its remote control function is very good for guys have many homes or travelling.You can monitor and control your home at any where you can access Internet.

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I vote for Control4
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So that's three votes for overkill. From his post it sounds like he wants something simple. But he does own two houses so maybe he wants something fancy and has money to burn.
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Well I'm not looking to blow more than I need to. Like I mentioned in my first post I only want to do a couple of things. I know I can go buy a Nest T-stat and that takes care of one device, but I'm also wondering if there is a system I can use to access these devices through one place. I'm also not sure which technology to go with.

Thanks for the info guys
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After looking over some stuff I think going separate might be better so this is what I found so far.

- Honeywell Tstat that has free web access. http://yourhome.honeywell.com/home/Products/Thermostats/7-Day-Programmable/VisionPRO+Wi-Fi.htm

- I also found this I'm thinking about using for security and other stuff. http://www.sensaphone.com/sensaphone_web600.php

Thoughts or concerns?
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