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Klipsch icon kb-15 on sale at bestbuy $99.99 (pair)

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Saw these were on sale this week at bestbuy. Could be a hell of a deal for some one looking for some nice 5 1/2" bookshelves.
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I went to pick a set of these klipsch up and the Pioneer bs22's were on sale for 89.99. I hadn't seen this advertised anywhere but there was a sign on the shelf so I picked up both sets so I could compare. I grabbed the matching subwoofer and center for the Pioneers
and they price matched tiger direct no problem. figured I would mention this since anyone looking at this thread is obviously looking for budget stuff like me. sorry If this is considered hijacking
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I was going to buy those Pioneers until I found out they are rear ported. I read a couple pro reviews, and they loved them.
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I posted a thread in the speaker forum yesterday asking which of these 2 are better. The Pioneers or Klipsch. But didn't get any responces. you guys have an opinion?
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I haven't listened to the pioneers so I can't give a straight up comparison, but I got the kb-15's and the matching center and so far I like them a lot. Not too bright and has nice midrange, very clear sounding.
When I listened to them at best buy, I couldn't get any further away than about 2-3 feet and I couldn't change the music they had playing, (I hate that!!!!) and they did sound a little too bright that close up which made me a little weary, but I really wanted to know what they sounded like with my setup and seating distance so I took a chance on them and took them home. At that price I figured it was worth a shot and worse case I'd just take'em back in a week or two. I think the best thing you could do at the current prices, is to buy them both and take back the ones you don't like.
Let your current setup and ears tell you what they like.
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Just about finished the new theater room. In the past I've just pieced stuff togather (stereo) mode (even thou I've got a midrange 7.1 receiver along with a few 90's 80's and 70's stuff). So........

Just ordered 4 of the Klipsch icon kb-15, to mate with a Klipsch Sub. Next will be the center speaker. Finally......... I'l have a real 5.1 system. smile.gif

Already have a dedicated two channel system - too much stuff!

May remove all the STUFF out of the 2 channel listining area. Get rid of some, use the rest in the new theater room. What the heck do I do with 3 pairs of old school thumpers......... along with a couple of vintage receivers..... lsol tongue.gif
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Deals done....DAM YOU BB!
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