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So you are driving down the road, and all of sudden, you start missing your favorite movie. No problem. Just find a blank wall and you are in movie watching heaven. That's right, the Smart's Forstars concept vehicle has a projector built in the hood. You just play your favorite movie via Bluetooth from your I-phone.
According to Dr. Annette Winkler, the head of Smart, the Smart Forstars can “transform any gray backyard into an animated open-air cinema.”

The Forstars are equipped with a 60-kilowatt electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery. The car's functions are controlled by a smartphone app. But there are even more features:
The back left headlight houses the charging port, while the back right headlight has storage space for an energy drink.

Just one energy drink? Really? I mean, you driving around in a car with a built-in projector, by yourself? I don't think so!

Click on the link below for more pictures and information, then tell us what you think about this portable drive-in movie.

Nothing is more romantic, than sharing an energy drink with the one you love, watching a movie in a parking garage!