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Vizio E601i-A3 vs. Sharp LC-60LE640U vs. Samsung UN60ES6500?

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I think I've narrowed down my options for a 60" LED to these 3 sets. All of them seem to have their pros and cons with the Vizio having an advantage just beause of how cheap it is. I think I've more or less decided to go with the Vizio..unless someone can convince me to choose one of the others instead? FWIW..3D & SmartTV are bonuses for me, not main factors.
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So far we're very much enjoying our E601i-A3. It was easy to calibrate using the Disney calibration Blu-ray disk. Everything is good except off axis viewing, which I really only notice as being not very good by doing the test. I don't notice it while viewing real video material. For a thin edge lit LCD it at least has a realistic price for what you get. Be sure to buy at Costco or similar with a 90 day no questions asked return policy and an extra long warranty.
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Anyone else?
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HI there,

Having the same consideration of models. Did you buy your set yet Rx?

I just pulled the trigger on the Vizio yesterday (it hasn't shipped as yet..) but I'm having moments of buyer's remorse. I'm wondering if I should've waited for a slightly better deal. I picked up a refurb from Walmart at $750 (yeah I'm a LITTLE worried about a refurb from Walmart.. not going to lie..). On the upside Walmart DOES give the 90 day returns policy on the set still. Unfortunately shipping (or taxes not covered) so it ended up being ~$840 all told.. Any thoughts or input on that price point would be appreciated.

Astro, have you by chance checked power consumption since you calibrated?

Thanks in advance.
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I had the vizio and returned it for lip sync issue. It has banding but overall a good set. Later bought the Vizio 65VSE. VSE is a better set but it is a 65".

I also have the Sammy 65SE6500. Despite some quirks it is a far better TV than both. Much sharper, better color, better remote, better black etc. 

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Low budget = Vizio
PQ = Sharp
Features = Samsung

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In terms of IQ sharp & vizio are very similar as they share a lot of hardware. Sharp however has sharpened picture with lots of edge artifacts whereas Vizio is much more relaxed picture. I prefer Vizio. Samsung picture has a lot of pop and punch with excellent color saturation. Contrast is far better too. My issue with Sammy is that not all their tweaks are availbe in all settings. Samsung also wins in case design and power efficiency.

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Thanks for the referential info, ivision and CaspianM! ..AND quickly!

Outside of the 3 aforementioned TVs do you have any strong contenders for me that come to mind? Although I've had good luck with the old Vizio (it functions flawlessly - no dead pixels/etc), I'm not terribly brand loyal to any TV manufacturer.

My 3 determining priorities are:

energy efficiency
picture quality

Yeah.. I'm not going to lie, at this point value/budget is probably the "trump." I've got a fair number of home improvements ongoing/requiring funding this summer.

I'm mostly buying due to my son reefing the coaxial cable adapter (down to the PCB..) out of our 37 inch Vizio.. and it's a good excuse to consider "up-sizing" - with the wife's blessing. But anyhow... rolleyes.gif
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I have the 70" version, the E701i-A3, and picture quality is excelent. As for efficiency, I have a"Kilo-Watt" wattmeter which I had my tv plugged int for a while. I had the backlighting (which I found to be the larget contributing factor to energy usage) set to about 70% and the ambientlight sensor set to medium which gave me a bright picture in my bright (direct afternoon sun) familyroom. During the sunny afternoon it pulled about 120 watts, in the evening with the room well lit by 3 compact fl lamps ( 100w equivalents) it ran at 75 to 80 watts. I would expect the 60" to run proportionately less based on smaller edgelight area.
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Much appreciated input, indepth.

Ha.. .. I just found that Woot.com is running a Sharp LC-60LE640U (refurb) for $849 ($5 shipping).. It's not Black Friday deal level I'm certain, but I'm getting antsy about waiting. .. .. You know, some of the tax return burning a proverbial hole..

They mean to make me sweat it out.. smile.gif
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Saturday I saw Costco selling 65" vizio going for $1000 with two years warranty.

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Here we are a year later and I'm considering the same sharp and vizio. Now both can be had for $750 new, so after a year on the market what's the verdict? Sharp or Vizio?
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So I've recently had a chance to use both.


I purchased the Sharp LC-60LE650U last week after doing a little research and viewing it in BestBuy.  It was on sale for $950.

First impressions were of a great picture and great black levels.  The picture was very sharp, it really popped.  Tons of detail from Blu-Ray and DirecTV 1080p sources.  Negatives that I noticed were some motion blur when playing video games, it was most noticeable when playing Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One, on the Dawnbreaker map.  The blue neon borders on some of the buildings had an excessive amount of motion blur while I moved around the map, to the point where it was distracting.  I'm talking these tiny blue neon lights would appear 1/4" in width due to motion blur.

The dealbreaker however was that my TV had a defective board, which caused horizontal lines to appear on the display, from any source using any cable.


I returned the set to Best Buy and exchanged it for the Vizio E60LI-A3, which was on sale for $800.  The icing on the cake for the decision was seeing that the input lag on this TV is only 31ms, vs 48ms for the Sharp.  That combined with the motion blur i previously described were the main reasons I switched over to the Vizio.


The Vizio has a good picture, but I will say it doesn't have the same 'pop' as the Sharp.  Black level is great, however, as is contrast and color.  There is nowhere near the motion blur in Battlefield 4 that I observed with the Sharp.  Bright scenes in movies and games show amazing contrast.  The only negative that I can see is that there is (to my eyes) a very slight blur or muddiness to the overall image (which could be due to the matte screen).


 I'm going to give myself a little while to adjust to it before sticking with the Vizio, but I will say I believe for the price this is about as good an LCD as I'm going to find.  Gaming performance (and specifically gaming motion performance) is my top criteria when evaluating TVs, so if unfortunately I need to make a tradeoff in the sub-$1000 60" category, so be it.  I'm not willing to pay for a truly high end TV at this point, as I'm waiting for 4Ks to come down in price.


None of what I said about the Vizio should make it sound like this isn't a good TV - I believe this is one of the best values in TV right now.  Games and movies look beautiful, but movies do look better (to me) on the Sharp.

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The Visio E and Sharp 650 were my two top considerations, too. I have the Sharp ordered and am heading in to pick it up. I won't have any gaming consoles hooked up to this tv so the lag isn't much of a concern.
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Originally Posted by tsig View Post

The Visio E and Sharp 650 were my two top considerations, too. I have the Sharp ordered and am heading in to pick it up. I won't have any gaming consoles hooked up to this tv so the lag isn't much of a concern.

I think you'll really enjoy the Sharp.  Other than the gaming issues (and obviously the defective board on mine) the thing was rock solid and looked great.


I did want to add as well, the input lag on the Sharp LC60le650u is 58ms vs 31ms for the Vizo.


If only a sub-$1000 TV existed with the picture quality of the Sharp but the responsiveness of the Vizio :)

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