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For Anyone Using MS Windows Live Movie Maker, Please.

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Using Microsoft's Windows Live Movie Maker.

Simple basic program; just what I need.

I can set a Start, and an End TRIM for taking out and creating a new video of just what I want.

But, how can I select several pieces; e.g., perhaps 3 or 4 Start/End Trims on the original Video ?

Doing a single Start/Stop TRIM works fine, but it is the doing of multiple ones that I cannot figure out.

As soon as i do a single TRIM, the trimmed piece shows up in the window, and I cannot therefore do any more on the original video. Or, see it.

How does one do multiple TRIM's, please ? There is a "TRIM Tool," but I cannot figure out how to use it at all; is this what I want, though ?
If so, how does one use it, please ?

Not too sharp with this "stuff" anymore at my age, so specific detailed instructions would be most appreciated.

Thanks, appreciate the help,
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I'm almost as old as you. We know we can't waste time!

I screwed around with Windows Movie Maker and a couple others. I wandered through them and stayed randomly confused.

Then I bought Adobe Premier Elements (about $80) and took the course for it on Lynda.com (about $25). It showed me how to do what I wanted, but it also showed me what I could do when I might want to.

The software is great, but may not be that much better than others. It's training that is fantastic, as well as entertaining.

I can't tell you how to do what you want in WMM, but I can say it is easy in Premier Elements!

Good luck!

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As another "Old Codger", let me add my two cents worth.

I started with videos by using Windows Movie Maker. It is free and a good way to learn. At some point after using the program for two or three years I outgrew the free program and moved on to other commercial packages.

However, if you want to continue with Movie Maker, I suggest upgrading to the current version called Windows Movie Maker. The newer version has a lot of features including output in high definition. It is still free but you have to go find it on line and download it. Notice Microsoft dropped the "Live" from their lexicon. You can download the newer versions here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/essentials-home. You can also install the Photo Gallery program which does a pretty good quick and dirty job of improving the look of still photos when you don't want to spend a lot of time with Photoshop or other dedicated photo program.
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