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Ok to use generic power cord on Panny ST50?

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As noted in a prev post, I bought a 55 inch ST panny plasma. It is going on the wall to replace my older 2004 Zenith 720p plasma. Given the power source vs. the length of the power cord, I was going to use the orig Panny power cord which is appx 6 feet long, with a 3-4 foot extention cord. However, I found that the power cord from the zenith, which is already 9 feet in length, has the same type plug as the Panny. I plugged it in and the tv powers up and works fine. Is there any reason not to use the Zenith plug vs. going the extension cord route? The only thing I noticed is the zenith power cord doesn't have the bulge in the cord. I'm not sure what this does but I presume it cuts down on electric noise or interference. I'm not sure how important that is or not. Any potential problems with what i am trying to do?
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The main reason this could be bad is if the substituted cord isn't capable of handling the same load as the original Panasonic cord. Any decent cord will have a load rating on it (it should be molded in the cord near/on the connector you would plug into the TV).

Then you could look at the max draw labeled in watts on the back of the TV and see if the cord is capable of handling it.

Watts = volts * amps. So if the cord you are using is capable of 5A (5a stamped on it), 125volts * 5amps=625 watts load capacity.

I doubt it's an issue but you can check this stuff if it'll make you sleep better smile.gif

The "buldge" is a ferrite core. And yes it is to reduce noise. You can always add your own if you deem it necessary.
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the cord says 13amps, so indicates plenty of capacity. I'll just need to figure out if the ferrite core makes any meaningful difference. thx for help
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Any OEM TV power cord or PC power cord that will connect to the TV will be more than adequate to power up a single TV. It would probably handle the power draw of four TVs. Any power cord with a standard 15 amp (Nema 5-15) U-Ground male plug will typically handle upwards of 1500 watts just fine.

The ferrite core does virtually nothing in the real world so i wouldn't worry about it.
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I think the only thing 'peculiar' about the stock cord is that it has a 90* turn and little 'clips' to hold it in the back of the TV.
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