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Bose Companion 5 Or Companion 20? Please help.

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Which offer better sound quality of the two, I know the Companion 20 son't have a sub so that's fine.

Please no hating on BOSE as long as I like their speakers, and i'm new here thanks guys smile.gif
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Are you using these as computer speakers while you sit nearby in a chair or are they supposed to fill a room with sound?

But honestly probably no one will have direct experience with the two because no one would make the mistake of spending 400 dollars on computer speakers twice. If you're really sold on Bose (which I think you should reconsider) why wouldn't you spend that money on some bookshelf size speakers.
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Please consider something else. Bose is a straight up rip off, and the components they use are just garbage. I'm not hating on Bose, just stating proven facts about what they sell.
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For $400, I would get the Focal XS Book sound way better than the Bose C20
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You won't get any support for Bose on this forum, but if you give more details on what you're using the speakers for (gaming, music, movies, etc) you might get some good recommendations.
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mostly music, but movies here and then
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The only reason you see so much 'hating' on Bose is that you can get equal sound quality for a lot less money, or you can get much better sound quality for what you spend with them. People are just trying to help others to maximize their purchases. You are of course free to feed their marketing machine if you so choose.

That being said, define what it is that you like about them. Is it the physical size? The sound they make? The way women swoon when you tell them you have a Bose system? Pinning this down may help your decision process.
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Which is better? Why not go and listen to them and make up your own mind instead of registering here
and posting a question which you know will do nothing but start yet another Bose bashfest.
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For around $400 you can build quite a nice entry level system. I am going to assume you will be using a 2 channel setup and that you do not have a receiver to power the speakers just yet.


Denon 1612 4199- this gets some great reviews for the price

Onkyo RC440$199- This unt also seems to get very good reviews


Infinity P163 $85ea. - I have always liked Infinity speakers at this price point. They have a very large driver, i find it rather rigid for the price. Mid bass seems good for the price, it will have much more impact than the bose you were considering. I do find due to the material they use in the drivers it does not go quite as low as other bookshelves with 6 1/2" drivers however for $170/pair I think its a really good deal.

Boston A25 $79 ea. - I have heard a few of Boston's towers and i was fairly impressed with the way they sounded however not these bookshelves. These seem to have received a few recommendations on this forum though it seems promising.

Teac H265 $80/pair - I have never heard anything about these. They look decent and seem good for the price, however I know nothing about them.

This setup will cost anywhere between $280 - $370 + taxes + shipping. My vote goes for the Infinity Speakers.
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This is a $100 off right now...would sound better than Bose http://usa.denon.com/us/product/pages/productdetail.aspx?catid=hometheatersystems(denonna)&catalog=denonna_us&pid=dht1513ba(denonna)
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One thing to consider would be searching on Craigslist for some used (probably considerably used) bose 901's. If you could haggle them down to 300 and find a slickdeals stereo receiver in the 100 dollar range you could have your Bose and speak of it publicly without ridicule too.
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Onkyo HT-S5500 would be a good starting point at $400. There's enough flexibility there to upgrade to different speakers since the binding posts are standard. The speakers are quite a bit larger than Bose though.

The Energy Take Classic 5 speaker set is just a bit larger than the Bose speakers and is just $193 on Amazon. The 5.1 set with 200 watt sub is $400. You'll need to pick up a receiver, like that Denon AVR-1612 from A4L, for these speakers. Not sure what the Bose cost but the $600 for the Denon receiver and Energy 5.1 set will leave the Bose in the dust.

What is nice about picking up a mid-level Onkyo or Denon receiver is that they will come with some form of Audyssey room correction. You can tune a 5.1 setup to produce very good result when just playing music using a multi-channel stereo surround mode. I hardly EVER listen to 2-channel music in 2-channel mode except through my near-field powered monitors ( Emotiva Airmotiv 5 ) here in the computer room. 99% of the time I'm running 9-channel stereo or Audyssey DSX on 2-channel source material in the main room.
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I am in the same boat as v12, as I have been comparing the companion 20's and companion 3 series 2 $229 and $259 respectively. I have space constraints so cannot simply add an amplifier. I have been comparing computer (powered) speakers for some time now and haven't found anything that sounds as good in this price range. Besides Logitech, no one but Bose is brave enough to even let you test their speakers sound and the Logitech 623's tend to sound muddy. Truth be told, if I had the 4-500 dollars to spend, I would not hesitate to go with Audioengine 5's.
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