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The only real issue I am having with my 1700 is with the HK remote app for Android
and iOS. The apps work great at first, but after a while neither the iOS version
(Network Connection Exception) or the Android version (Connection Failed) will
be able to connect to the 1700. It seems like the 1700 gets into a bad state, because
resetting my iOS device, Android device, and router don't make a difference. Only
power cycling the 1700 or unplugging/replugging the 1700's ethernet cable will fix
things. This sounds like a software issue with the 1700s networking. Interestingly,
Airplay will still work in this bad state. Hopefully HK will fix this in a software update.

Otherwise I am pretty happy with it.

It works well with my HTPC's ATI 7750--there haven't been any HDMI link issues
even though I change the refresh rate all the time using dc.exe (my LCD is old and
I have to switch between 24 and 60 Hz) and the switching is only a little slower than
the LCD was when hooked directly. Also no HDMI EDID issues and I turn off/on
my LCD quite a bit during an HTPC session.

I did fry my left and right Take Classic speakers due to the AirPlay volume snaffoo.
That is my fault I guess, but I think it would be better if HK didn't honor the iTunes/iPod
volume setting at all. Maybe this for next software update as well? Because of the
frying I have been too timid to try EzSet/EQ.