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SHARP LC-60LE640U clouding

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I bought this TV recently and I noticed clouding on dark scenes

I called SHAPR and they asked me to send pictures of the issue and then they asked for pictures of the tv during normal scenes. After weeks they said that the picture looks fine....
BB employees that I showed them the pictures claimed this is too much of backlight bleed and I should return it.
Any suggestions? Is this "too much" even for an LED?

Thanks for your input!
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Thats just too much and it makes dark scenes in movies unwatchable. Return it while you can. If Sharp customer service said that they think its fine, tell them that they should be fired for saying something like that..
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I went to BB yesterday and bought a second TV. Same model and size. I brought it home, connected it and here is what it looks like


The two pictures were taken seconds apart so I am not sure why the look so different.

The bottom right white spot bothers me a lot. On the left side you can see a light pattern similar to the other tv. It looks like a flower or a cross. Probably this has to do with the assembly process. It seems there is a pressure point on the panel. It makes me wonder if loosening a screw will help....

So, now I have two of these TVs at home and I have to decide which one to keep. Or none, if I return both of them and go for the Samsung UN55ES7100.
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What is the setting of the backlight on your set and has it always been like this? I just bought one of these and black screens are BLACK.
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Hi, I am curious what you ended up deciding to do about your TV. I recently purchased a lc-60le640u and it has the EXACT same light bleeding and clouding pattern as your second one. It has the exact same flower/cross in the same space and the light bleeding seems to be coming from the same corners. Prior to purchasing this TV I had bought a lc-60le600u which had a clouding pattern similar to your first. I ended up returning that one because I was able to find the 640 for the same price. So now I am trying to decide whether or not to exchange my TV (also BB) and try to get one without the clouding. Is this typical of all of the 640s or did I just get a bad one? If they are all like this then I guess I can live with it. As a side note, the clouding is only noticeable on mostly black screen. It is not noticeable if there is any picture on the screen over the clouded areas. Also, my back light is on "STD" and of course the effect gets worse if I brighten it up.
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My set which is 10 days old shows a little clouding if there is no signal being sent to the TV. When a signal is present and there are black frames I do not see any clouding. I think the clouding must be the LED edge lights. I am loving the picture so far.
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I posted in the official 640 thread earlier today that I noticed the same thing on the last two sets I purchased and subsequently returned to Costco. Is this normal? I like the picture quality (after calibrating), but that weird cloud was too much for me. Trying to figure out if I should take a gamble with another Sharp or move onto a backlit Samsung or something.
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