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Calibration question

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I see a lot of XML files with calibration settings. How do you get those settings on your tv? Do you somehow use Calman or some other software to send the settings in??

Thanks in advance!
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most of the files are from calibrations using a software\device solution...the device can differ as there are more than a handful of them being used.....There are a number of threads you can look at if you do a search for "calibration" ...or check out the following forum:

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In most cases, no... you don't need software to apply other people's calibration settings. They are just calibration settings that are usually found in the user picture menu of your particular model. You just change the corresponding settings to match those on the XML files. Sometimes extra controls need to be unlocked using software like ControlCal, but most models have the settings right in the user menu, or sometimes they need to be adjusted in the TVs service menu.

CalMAN, Chromapure or HCFR are programs used in combination with a measuring device/meter (plus test patterns) to actually calibrate displays. They are not required to simply plug in calibration settings.

Just so you know, applying someone else' calibration settings will rarely, if ever be perfect due to panel to panel variations. Sometimes it can make things worse than the best picture preset out of the box.
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