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Your Experience With Salespersons and 3D Displays.

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I was at Best Buy (Magnolia Section) looking at 3D TVs and the sales guy said that 3D makes him dizzy and gives him headaches. On futher questioning it turned out he wears contacts, one eye RX for far viewing and one eye RX for reading. DUH....this never crossed his mind that this might cause eyestrain when trying to view 3D. And no, he never tried 3D viewing with matching RX. The perfect person to sell 3D anything!

Anyone else have a clueless salesperson story out there?
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Well, there was the one guy who said he could only watch active 3D, and that passive gave him a headache. I didn't even know that was a thing. I know some people get headaches from 3D overall, and some folks from only active, but never the other way 'round.

One thing he did not know, however, was that one of the movie trailers they were playing on the demo unit had the L/R reversed. So anyone attempting to watch it would have seen a very disorienting 3D effect that probably cost them sales. The fact that no one noticed was the surprising part. When I mentioned it to him, that clip had been playing for months. I even made him flip the glasses upside down so he could see the difference. They've since fixed it, which is frankly surprising in itself. I would have thought that, had he mentioned it to anyone, they would have just ignored it.

In general, though, I see the same sort of thing I see throughout the store.. no real technical knowledge of the product. I'm sure he was baffled as to why I walked up so close to the screen to find out at what angles it started to ghost (passive display). I knew I couldn't just ask him. I'm sure the phrase "FPR" is Greek to him, much less how it actually works.
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It's best to do your own research, because most salespeople don't know what they're talking about. They're also pretty unhelpful as far as not allowing you to view content, even if you're at the stage of being prepared to buy one. I did my own research online, using customer reviews and various reviewers that do quite extensive testing. This way takes a while, but you get what you want in the end. I went for Samsung active 51" because the 3D is excellent and the smart hub is so user friendly...my wife loves it!! The batteries in the glasses haven't run out yet, one year on. Anyway, don't rely on salespeople, do you're own research. This is true of every store I went to..from John Lewis, Currys, PC World, Comet. If you know absolutely nothing about 3D then you may find them helpful, but I ended up telling them what they didn't know about it...oh dear!!
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