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Loved the information in the original 705 Thread, I learned a TON!

My issue is with setting up my CBL/STL output to run Zone 2 while I'm listening to it in the main room as well. (Super Bowl party, have the game playing in the bathroom.)

In the basic original thread and in the manual it states that you must run stereo analog cables from your sources to your receiver in addition to any HDMI or SPDIF cables. I am running the HDMI out to my receiver, and the analog cables as well to the receiver under any analog output. When I'm watching TV, I turn on zone 2 to the output that I hooked up to, and it works.


I'm getting a lot of feedback or an audible hum from the main speakers. The box that they're running from is a Charter/Comcast DVR box.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue? If not have you avoided this by doing something that I'm overlooking?