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which screen

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I want the Panasonic P60ST50 but don't need 3D or SMART features- I only need a screen. I am conisdering either the P60UT50 or the P60U50. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two and is their screen the same as the ST50? thanks.
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The panels\screens are not the same....U50 is jsut a basic 50" 1080p monitor with no frills or add ons...with the UT50 you get a better screen, 3D Smart TV and dejudderer optioms....if all you want is a screen and dont care much about anything else then the U50 is what will fit your needs, jsut dont expect the same performance as an ST50.....
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Thanks for your reply, When I say all I want is a screen, I mean a really good screen - ST50 or close to it. If the U50 and UT50 do not compare visually, I am inclined to get the ST- in a few months they should drop in price when the '60 series comes out. Yes?
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They are dropping now and becoming harder to find, if you want too long you will be SOL.....But yes the ST trumps both the UT and U series TVs.......
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Yes, i believe that I would not be happy with U or UT series since I am getting a 60". Yes, if I wait too long, I may not find an ST50, then I would have to settle on a ST60. That would be terrible.
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Afaik ST50 is the lower model with the higher end Black Filter, missing wifi, and some calibration controls.

Some ppl might think its worth the $300 for that - esp if you want to get it professionally calibrated or intend to put it in a bright room
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Well, we don't ever watch in a pitch black room, although we dim the overheads. The calibation is important to me, so i will look for an ST50, would like to see the price dip to around 1200 but I am not sure they will get that low before they are sold out.
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