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Vizio E601-A3 vs. Panasonic TCL55E50

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Has anyone compared the Vizio E601-A3 to the Panasonic TCL55E50 55-inch IPS LED TV?

I'm particularly interested in screen-glare and off-angle viewing comparisons.

Also, is a 60-inch TV significantly bigger than the 55-inch for viewing purposes, or is the difference hardly noticeable.

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I went through 2 Vizio's E601's and switched to the Panasonic IPS LED. I love the Panasonic! Great viewing angles, screen glare isn't too bad. Once the picture is dialed in your good to go. E601 had lip sync issues, and the second set the picture went out - that was it for me... I purchased the costco Panny:


Go with Panasonic.. My two cents anyway. Good luck with your choice.
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Thanks. I've been following the Vizio thread for TV since before TG and have read about all the problems. The latest firmware seems to have fixed the lip-synch problem and Vizio seems to be good about replacing sets that have gone bad. However I am still skeptical about the Vizio brand, having had a very bad experience with their customer support over a sound bar I bought a few years ago.

There are very few comments about the Panny on this forum, hence I was looking for some input on user experience with the IPS screen.

I've seen both sets at Sams, but wasn't able to compare side-by-side since they were not next to each other.

Did you feel the Panny screen was significantly smaller than the Vizio, or was the difference hardly noticeable?
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Not at all smaller.. Going from 60 to 55 was fine for me. The reason there isn't much on here about the Panny is because there are no issues with the set. The Vizio has a lot of issues hence why there is so much information on it. Between the poor customer service, lip sync (which may be fixed, the screen going out and the TV shutting off by itself) I was done.

Not to mention, there were a lot of light spots on the Vizio's screen in dark shows. Also the lower corners of the screen had a flashlighting feather effect. The Panasonic screen is perfect.

I think you would be very happy with Panasonic. Get it at Costco if you can. Two years warranty and peace of mind.. Good luck and let me know what you decide. I have some setting on the Panny I will share if you get one. Good luck!
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Thanks emerito99. I'll definitely get back to you if I get the Panny, and I have pretty much decided to get it at Costco unless it's heavily discounted elsewhere.

BTW: I know the Costco Panny is a slightly different model number. Did yours include the WiFi dongle with the TV?
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Yes. It did include the wifi adaptor. If you get it, make sure you turn off C.A.T.S in the picture menu. Inbox me if you get it and ill share my calibrated settings. Good luck!
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