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Hey guys.

I set up my 5.1 System about 6 years ago. It has taken much longer than planned, but I am moving my system downstairs and plan on adding 2 speakers to make it a 7.1 system.

My rears are currently RSX-4 Klipsch bookshelf speakers. They are a discontinued model. While I am waiting on Klipsch to approve my fourm account, I thought I would come over here and ask you guys.

I want to add 2 sides and wondered if anyone here knew what the Klipsch RSX-4 replacement model was. Looking at their site, It looks like it may be the RB-41 series, but the specs are slightly different than the RSX-4.

Or, should I use something like the RS-41 series for my sides?

The room is a 28' x26' rectangle, so it should make quite a nice sound box.

To Give a full understanding of my set up, I currently have the following:

Klipsch 12" Subwofer RW12D
2 floorstanding front speakers RVX-54
1 center RVX-42
2 rears RSX-4

Sony DA5300ES Receiver

Now I am adding two side speakers.
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