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Verdict still out on theaterseatstore.com ...frustrating experience so far

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I currently have an order in with theaterseatstore.com and so far it has been a very frustrating experience. I have read a few different reviews on here with a split of very good and very bad experiences. I wanted to share my experience so far in case anyone else is in the market for theater seats and deciding what and where to purchase. Was also wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and how you ended up handling it and if anyone has the seats I have on order and how well you like them.
I decided to go with the Lane 222 End Zone seating. I was able to see these at a local merchant and liked the idea of ordering something I had actually been able to sit in. The seats themselves felt comfortable when I was able to try them out and I liked the motorized recline, lighted cup holders, tray tables, and in seat storage.
DECEMBER 14: I found a good price on the top grain leather version at theaterseatstore.com and placed an order for 6 of them (2 rows of 3 each) on December 14, 2012. These were advertised as "quick ship" and "delivers in 10-21 business days". This would have them to me no later than January 14 and plenty of time to set everything up for a birthday event and Superbowl.
JANUARY 9: Somewhere around January 9th I chatted support to ask about delivery. I explained that I knew the delivery date had not expired but that I hadn't heard from the shipping company yet about setting up delivery and wanted to check on the status of my order. The rep at theaterseatstore.com was very friendly and professional, contacted Lane, then sent me an e-mail explaining that they actually would not be shipping until January 16th as Lane was a bit backed up from the Holidays.
JANUARY 17: On January 17th I sent an e-mail back to the service rep asking if my order had shipped and also sent in a chat inquiry but chat was offline (which was my fault, I hadn't reviewed the chat hours). I didn't get a response to my e-mail but another service rep contacted me stating she had seen my "off-line" chat inquiry, apologized for the delay, and stated my seats would now ship January 30th as Lane was still getting caught up on orders.
JANUARY 19: It wasn't sitting well with me that at this point my shipping date has been pushed back twice and any communication regarding the status of my order has been initiated by me. On January 19th I contacted support again. Once again the service rep was very friendly. I stated that I had concerns my order had been pushed back twice, I had concerns that it would get pushed back again, and if everything goes smoothly from this point at best my seats would be about a month late on a "quick ship" item by the time transit was figured in. I explained that the service reps I have spoke to have been very friendly and that theaterseatstore.com has been fine to deal with but if the problem is the vendor they needed to stand behind the vendors they offer. I explained that I felt my order should be expedited to ensure a quick delivery or I felt I should be given an equal or better item at the same price that they knew they could ship to me right away. This was a Saturday and "Rob" explained to me he would take care of it personally on Monday and would call or have someone else call me to see what they could do for me. I didn't hear anything back on Monday but gave the benefit of the doubt as it was a Holiday. Still nothing on Tuesday, writing this on Wednesday.
My verdict is still out with this company pending how this turns out but I am far from happy at this point. Shipping is very late and I haven't even gotten to the point of seeing how the shipping company does. So far the people have been extremely friendly but the company has under-delivered on its promises. As I am waiting on this item, and expect it about a month late, the web site still list these seats as "fast ship", "delivered in 10-21 business days", "$*** price only while stocks last".
Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would cancel my order but I have already invested a lot of "wait time" on these seats and don't want to start a similar process over again with another company that will do the same thing. As of now I figure I need to wait it out until the January 30th date and see if shipping gets pushed back again and then figure out what to do. I know a lot of people have had good experiences with this company but wanted to state my experiences for anyone researching a new purchase.

January 23 Update: I have still not received my Lane 222 End Zone seating but I did receive an e-mail (he actually tried to call but I have been out of town all day) from Chris Fawcett, Customer Service Director, apologizing for the delay. He has changed my shipping to FedEx Freight Priority and included a stain protection plan. The apology he gave seems sincere and though I obviously am not happy my order is arriving so late I appreciate that someone is actually acting on my behalf now. The people I have had communications with at theaterseatstore have all been friendly and professional, and while I understand mistakes and delays do happen the lack of communication has probably been their biggest weakness (why should a customer have to initiate the communication when there is a problem with shipping dates?). I believe most of my shipping issues have been due to Lane Furniture but as a retailer you have to stand behind the actions of your suppliers. I feel much better about this situation now than when I originally posted this earlier today, and appreciate the communication and action being taken by Chris to try and make things right with me. Will try to update this post to let everyone know how this turns out and also about how well I like the seats. I am guessing a lot of people who are viewing this are trying to research a new purchase and I know I valued all the reviews I could find when I started this process.

Feb. 8 Update: I'm a bit behind on my update but I did receive my seats on January, 28. They arrived at my local FedEx Freight warehouse almost immediately (Saturday Jan. 26) but they were not going to be able to deliver until the following Thursday so I elected to take a truck and trailer and pick them up at the warehouse on Monday. Chris Fawcett came through on his word that I would have them before Super Bowl. While I would definitely say this was a very frustrating experience over all I do appreciate Chris for doing the right thing and trying to make it better.
The seats arrived in good shape and I am very happy with them so far. As a heads up to anyone who orders these (or any seats this large) be prepared to work with them a bit to get them through the door and into your house. They came fully assembled and are large and heavy, which I love, but it does make them a little difficult to maneuver through a door way. Easiest way I found was to unbox them outside lay them sideways onto a 4 wheel furniture mover and caddy corner them in. Also, my seats looked like they should "attach" to each other as the unfinished sides have a type of "flap". Turns out they actually just sit side by side with nothing physically attaching them (though they look like a single unit after setting up this way). Very happy with them over all and will try to post pictures later.
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If it were me at this point I would consider my options. Call Ken AND Roman. Find out if they sell the same seats or a what they have that is comparable to the Lane 222 End Zone. If they have a product that fits your needs and budget then cancel your order and place one with Roman or Ken.

Mistakes do happen however I have never seen anyone make a claim of lack of communication from either of these guys. Their reputations on this forum are stellar for customer service and that was the reason I bought from one of them when I needed seats. My seats are the biggest purchase I have ever made without ever seeing the product first hand but am extremely happy with the purchase.

Tell them what seats you have sat in and liked and they will steer you in the right direction.

Roman 732.617.2348 http://www.rtheaters.com/
Ken 1.866.684.3843 http://www.stargatecinema.com/
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Thanks for the reply and the contact information for Roman and Ken. I consider myself a bit of a "techie" but this is my first theater build and appreciate the advise of those like yourself who have already been through this rodeo. I have updated my above post and feel like Chris at theaterseatstore is actually trying to take of my needs now. If everything works out as I am now being told it will I will consider myself satisfied. If it doesn't I will be contacting Roman and/or Ken.
Though it doesn't need to be said, if anyone has done much reading on this forum I would like to add that I have heard nothing but stellar reviews of Roman and Ken (though it seems Roman's name has either came up more or is just catchier to remember). While I have heard very mixed reviews of theaterseatstore.com I have heard nothing negative about Roman or Ken. I think the two issues with theaterseatstore.com are lack of communication and advertising in a way that overpromises on what they can always deliver (language that persuades you to believe something is in stock when it is not, etc.). If I had called them to place my order rather than doing it on the net I may have avoided this trap but when spending this much money I prefer to have communications in writing.
I have a few "down the road" projects I am considering for my theater such as lighting features and seat shakers and while I won't completely rule out theaterseatstore at this time I will definitely check out Roman and Ken when making these purchases. Seems like I remember reading someone ordering seats from Roman one time and they were delivered crazy fast like 3 days or something. Thanks for the help again, I plan on contributing a few more post regarding my purchasing experiences and equipment reviews to help other "nubes" make informed decisions like you have done for myself.
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Sounds like you have a plan and I hope it works out for you.

FWIW I got my seats delivered to San Antonio Tx in 5 days.
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Did you finally receive your seats via FedEx from theaterseatstore.com?

I am now getting the runaround from TheaterSeatStore. I was promised a 4-6 weeks delivery on Palliser and every time I call them they seem to push out the delivery date. I'm on my 7th week now - they threw in "stain protection plan" for the inconvenience but I sincerely doubt they'll honor their protection plan based on the service and roundaround I have received so far.

I've been "promised' a new shipment day of 2/15 by Louis so we'll see if they' change it when I call them again next week. If they change again, I'm definitely going to cancel my order and send my lawyers to reclaim the interest that I could've earnt on my cash. (I'm glad I subscribed to the Hyatt Legal plan at work - to deal with such scammers).
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I did finally receive the seats the week of Super Bowl. They were going to arrive mid-week but I elected to take a truck and trailer to the local shipping warehouse and pick them up on Monday (was just 6 miles from my house and they weren't going to finish last leg of delivery until Thursday). Once Chris Fawcett got involved I was communicated with regularly and he did what he said he would. They actually seam to have decent people working there they just have bad business practices and promise things they cannot always deliver on and then are reluctant to make things right. During the entire time I was waiting on my back ordered seats they continued to list the seats as a "fast ship" item with 10-21 business day delivery. I had called a few times to check on my order status (just as you have) and become increasingly more verbal with my frustration. Eventually Chris got involved and I had my items within a week (apparently they had just been sitting at Lane waiting to go out but there was no delivery scheduled to ship them until a later date, so he was able to arrange the special shipping to get them picked up earlier). I'm not sure if he became involved because of my expressed unhappiness or because I started posting about my experience on these forums (I believe they do monitor them).
Chris Fawcett e-mail iscfawcett@interiormark.com , you may want to contact him and see if he can help out. I have heard cases of Roman at http://www.rtheaters.com/ getting seats delivered to customers within days (as early as 3 days after ordering and usually less than a week). If you do cancel your theaterseatstore order it sounds like he would be a great person to order from. In my case I don't think he carried the seats I wanted and I had actually been able to see them at a local store so I knew I liked them.
I can feel your pain, the only thing that kept me from cancelling my order was the thought that I may re-order from another company and have them do the same thing. I felt like I already had too much time invested and didn't want to start over. In the end Chris did back up what he promised me though. As for the stain protection they give out, I sure hope I never have to find out how well they back it up. If I can be of any more help please let me know and I'll do what I can. I'm not sure if this will make things better or worse but I hear Palliser makes an incredible theater seat.
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