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3.1 Home Theater advice $1500-2k budget

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My living room is about 15' x 15' with a ceiling that is open for the second floor. There are hardwood floors everywhere but I might be putting down a rug.

I need a receiver, and speakers for a 3.1 setup with a budget of around $1500-2k. Spending less is better obviously. I honestly don't know where to start since this is my first time buying this kind of equipment.
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I think you will need a good subwoofer, its sounds like your living room has considerable spatial volume. The problem with bass is it has to pressurize the whole open area if you are to get a good response throughout, especially if your listening position is in the middle of the room rather than against the walls. It you are seated next to the wall, you won't need a monster subwoofer (although its a lot of fun to have one anyway).

Here is one setup I can recommend that I think most people would be pleased with:
2 x Infinity Primus p363 tower speakers for fronts, $400
Infinity Primus c351 center speaker, $200
Hsu VTF3 mk4 subwoofer, $800
Onkyo TX-SR717 receiver, $600
There is a killer setup for $2k shipped, lots of punch and dynamic range.

If you want to save some money, another good setup would be the Hsu Hybrid 2 3.1 package and Denon AVR1713, that would only be $1600 shipped.
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i got the Infnity Primus 363s at Fry's for $117 each. I've read around these forums they can be as low as $99 each. Many times I will grab for the remote to try to reduce the sub level, but it's not even on! i like them alot.

The C351 center is on sale at amazon.com right now for $199, but on backorder.
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The c351 are in stock at crutchfield's, the one I linked to.
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+1 pretty solid choices for the money or can save a few bucks on a single sub svs-pb12-nsd $769
if you dont care for the white a360's(imo look good with black grills)
take a look at the ascend acoustic cmt340se's and matching center $904
the denon avr 1912 $350
svs pb12-nsd $769
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Denon 1712 - $310

EMP e55ti and e56ci - $1,250
HTD Level 3 Towers/Center - $1,000
Focal 814v & cc814v - $1,150
Arx a5 & a2 center - $1,000

Leaves roughly $500-700 for sub to reach your $2,000 budget. That's plenty of sub for that size room. Plenty of choices in that budget also.
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Oh wow, thanks guys. Any recommendations on rear speakers in case I wanted to go 5.1? I really don't like the idea of running wires around and that's why I was thinking 3.1.
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