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IR Extener/Repeater for Denon AVR 1612

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I am setting up my entertainment system in a closet in another room. I have planned everything out and figured how I need to do it all. The only piece of the puzzle I am not sure about is how to control my receiver. I have a Denon AVR 1612 I cannot find for sure a extender or repeater that is known to work. Does anyone know of one or have any suggestions or recommendations? I do not mind running a cable through my attic if i do so its just under 40ft. I want whatever is most reliable. Thanks!
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Hey Carlos,

In the absence of any more detailed responses, here are a few rambling thoughts: A long time ago I used an extender kit made by X10 called Powermid - I'm not a big fan of X10, but the base & remote 'pyramids' actually did work extremely well over quite large distances and through several walls. They're extremely easy to set up and just need a regular 110v outlet per unit. The pair do an IR-to-RF-to-IR conversion and, for X10 products, don't actually look too ugly. I'm sure this technology has been superseded, but it might give you a starting point for your investigations. [http://www.amazon.com/X10-Powermid-PM5900-Control-Extender/dp/B00023KG40 - $38] On the same page, Amazon actually shows a selection of other similar solutions that might warrant wading through the reviews to get a feel for their effectiveness.

As far as hardwiring the connection - 40' won't be a problem to extend an IR blaster/emitter if you decide to go with that option. From an electrical perspective, the IR signal is really simple and can be easily transmitted using a reasonable gauge pair of conductors.

There are other solutions, such as an iOS or Android device & app paired with something like a Global Cache iTach, but that may be overkill for what you're looking for.

- Dave
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+1 on the Next Gen. extender, or if you'd like to use a wired solution, Monoprice has a kit for <$20...

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