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Hello everyone,

I am gonna buy a new LED TV in a few days. I have decided to buy Samsung 40ES6200. I read some of the user reviews on different forums. Most of the users are not very much satisfied with its performance. If anyone of you could answer following questions, if shall be truly thankful to you.
1. Does this LED TV suffer from motion blur/ghosting effect?
2. How is image quality?
3. How is 2D performance?

Please do share your experience with this TV, if you are using one. Also, suggest me some other good LED TVs by Samsung/Sony which fall within my budget. My budget is US $1182 (at most). I will mostly use it to watch SD TV channels and 2D HD content.. 3D is not a priority and I won't be watching much of 3D content. I would also not use it for gaming.

Thank in advance. :-)