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which tv should i get if i cant get the st50

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I was going to go this weekend to best buy and get the 55" panasonic st50. I just called and they said they had one left, if the tv sells before i get there this weekend which tv would you recommend i have been without a dam tv too long now so i am getting SOMETHING no matter what haha. Thanks price range is around the st50 which is $1299. thanks
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What size? I believe Best Buy has the 50GT50 on sale for $1199 still....
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i would like a 55 but if i have to settle for the 50 i guess i can suffice or save up for the 60
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Don't "settle"...Get exactly what you want...You have to live with it for X amount of years. I only brought up the 50GT50 because you can't beat the price and it's a step up from the ST.
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right, i mean 50-55 i would be absolutely fine with, i would like 55" but 50 would be plenty. this tv will be a gaming and movie machine so i wanted a tv with the best picture and 3d!
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Afaik the ST and GT are identical when it comes to PQ, except the latter has THX modes or something? Maybe more picture controls?

Where i live the GT is quite a bit more expensive, id go with a bigger panel instead of the model. Unless you can afford the VT50
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I am looking for a 60ST50 and am seeing prices of 1569 no tax/shipping. Do you believe that they will sell out? With the ST60 coming in about 4 months, is it possible that the price will drop even further? The ST60 lists for 1899.
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I don't know about what was said above as far as the ST having identical PQ as the GT rolleyes.gif I will say that the ST is "Best bang for the buck". One particular reason I chose my 60GT50 over an ST(not even a high-tech reason) was based off the cheesy plastic bezel that would reflect a bunch in my home on the ST. This is only my 2 pennies wink.gif

Here are the differences between the models. In the end, it is your money .... http://www.avsforum.com/t/1386141/official-panasonic-2012-lineup-and-information-thread-no-price-talk#post_21467390
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Do what I did...buy it now and pick it over the weekend. My local BB had only 1 in stock, but I wasn't able to get it until the weekend. I went in and paid for it and they held it for me. You can also just pay for it over the phone too with a CC. If you change your mind when the weekend comes, just get a refund. But at least you'll secure the set until the weekend.
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Originally Posted by TIME2PLAYDAGAME View Post

I don't know about what was said above as far as the ST having identical PQ as the GT rolleyes.gif

I don't know that the PQ of any two sets (even GT vs GT) are technically "identical". But for all practical intents and purposes, most people seem to think that professionally calibrated STs and GTs are close to, if not, indistinguishable. That said, I've seen several people lately picking up GTs for $50-100 more than the their equivalent sized ST counterparts. I'd make that choice in a heartbeat just for little stuff like the dual-processor or in the case you're not getting professional calibration, bigger stuff like THX modes.

So, for me, I definitely wouldn't let a lack of one store's inventory make me step down from 55" to 50". I'd first try to pricematch a GT in the size I wanted to a similar price of the ST and then I'd look elsewhere. Or as highdef mentioned, buy it now and pick it up over the weekend.
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I'll agree with what you said, walowizard as far as a calibrated ST looking just as good as a GT. At least that is what the 'word' is around the net. Things like the 1080p pure direct, THX modes, extra HDMI and of course the bezel on the GT are stand outs for me, personally. If I were the OP, I definitely wouldn't sacrifice size. I've always owned 50" to 55" CRT, DLP & LCD/LED's but went 60" on my GT. At first I was overwhelmed( 9ft away ) but after 8 months, I'm thinking I could've went 65" tongue.gif
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thanks guys for the help i would love to get the 60 inch but its a little out of my price range i think i will end up with a 55" inch as far as screen size
im really looking at the gt50, i realy didnt know they were so close in price
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I'll throw this in the mix as well...Amazon has the 55GT50 for $1349. Maybe BestBuy will price match. Ok I'm done biggrin.gif
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well best buy doesnt have the 55" gt50 frown.gif they would have to order it i just called and asked how many they had. should i get another brand plasma
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Different brand? Now you have to google some shoot-outs between sets. Check out reviews etc. I went to stores in my spare time and google'd the hell out of the 2012 Panasonic and Samsung Plasma offerings for about a month til I decided on my GT50. You should definitely take a look around these forums as well and see what the owners of the TV's are saying. Good luck!
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yeah i have been set on getting the st50 since june but havent found the time to get and now that i do lol they have one left! but i might have enough for the 60" i will have to see saturday. I am getting panasonic no matter what i just looked at all there plasmas and they all have near perfect scores so thats what iwill be focusing on, ive just never owned a plasma and from what everyone has said they seam to be the best for games and movies
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I understand that Panasonic still controls the pricing even as the supplies dwindle down. I have my heart set on a 60ST50 and was wondering if anyone has experience in the years past as to when the price gets to its lowest state. I know the 60ST60 is coming out in April or May and the list on it will be $1899. The 60ST50 is now 1565 and I am itching to pull the trigger on it...
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get the 55VT50, its 'only' $300 more, like 3 nice meals that you will soon forgotten and digested, but you will live with this TV everyday for the next 3-5yrs, you should get the best you can.
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