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* Very-Important information if you have the "Integra DHC-80.3" ...

If you have the Integra DHC-80.3 and have your (Picture) setting at {Through} you need to read this Post.

The {Through} setting in the Menu, (4-5 Picture Adjust) will give you an Off-White picture.
(Not a True White)

I think the easiest way to do this is to Show the Menus involved for these settings.

Hopefully I will be able to go through these here with you to where you can follow the (Correct-Settings) for the (White-Image/Picture).

If you want to see the difference in the picture simply pull up anything with a lot of White on the screen.
Touch pause and switch between the (Through) and {Direct or Custom} picture settings.
It will be an obvious change that you will see immediately.

Before I go through the steps I should mention "Direct & Custom" both will give the same results in regards to a (True-White-Image).
It has been found that with some set ups the "Direct" setting has given (Hand Shake) issues between components.
Therefore I went with the "Custom Setting" and it did not cause any (Hand Shake) issues.

Click on Menu, 1. Input/Output Assign

1 Input/Output Assign, Click on 1. Monitor Out

1-1 Monitor Out, Go down to where it says, (Resolution) & set it to {Source}

Back-Up to Main {Menu}, go down to #4, Source Setup, click on it.

4 Source Setup, go down to #5, Picture Adjust, click on it.

4-5 Picture Adjust, See "Picture Mode", set it to {Custom}

That's it and now you have your 80.3 set to where it will not have any effect on your Image/Picture.

As I said above you can also use the "Direct" setting but in many cases it does cause {Hand-Shake Issues}.


Pre-Amp: Integra DHC-80.3
Blu-Ray Player: Integra DBS-50.3
Projector: Runco VX-11d W/Proteus 3 Lens & DHD-4 Processor
Screen: Stewart Gray Hawk 123" W/4-way remote masking
Speakers: JM Lab Utopia Mezzo Front, Center Utopia, Side Utopia, Rear Mini Utopia
Subwoofers: 4-Mirage BPS400 sitting on 4 "Auralex Great Gramma" pads
Cables: Transparent TW Plus w/Plus Bricks
Amps: Classe', 2-CA201, 3-CAM350
Power Conditioners: 1-Richard Gray RGPC-1200S, 7-RGPC-400S
Panamax MB1500 Back up Power Unit for Runco units
Cooling: 3-sets of Z-Fans
ATM (Active Thermal Management)
Cool-Stack I
Mid Atlantic: Track 50" rack slide out
Room Acoustic: Acoustic Innovations panels
Seating: Ekornes Stressless Wave