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Broken Receiver?

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Hey guys i have a Onkyo HT R960 receiver I got as part of a Home Theater in a box the Onkyo 7.1 THX system. I have a feeling its going bad but i'm not 100% sure how to trouble shoot it. Currently I have a PS3 and a Apple TV. When i try to play my PS3, it takes the receiver about 2-3 minutes to pick up my PS3, i would have to constantly switch it from DVD to AUX back to DVD (its currently plugged into the DVD HDMI input)

I have the apple TV plugged into the SAT HDMI, but when i use turn on the Apple TV, the receiver picks up the apple TV right away. So is my receiver going bad? i'm pretty sure its not my PS3 as i have 2 ps3 and i tried both of them and have the same results. I even plugged my ps3 directly into my TV and it picks up right away, only takes awhile when its going through my receiver. I have tried different HDMI inputs/outputs and all the same results. Any advice would be great.

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Possibly going bad. Onkyo has a been having problems with HDMI boards dying on several receivers.

Might want to look at replacing your receiver.
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aww crap, i was hoping you wouldn't say that. is there a reason why it picks up my Apple TV with no issues but has issues with the PS3? even if i tested them both through the same port?
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Can u try changing the hdmi cable of the ps3 ?
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yes i tried different HDMI cable also. i bascially swapped everything that worked (cable/hdmi port) from the apple tv which works great to the PS3, still takes about 2-3 min to pick it up
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