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Can anyone help me out?

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Ok so this is going to get complicated, I'm trying to hook three different rooms up together. Right now I have two receivers, a stereo system and a good computer speaker system. I'm planning to buy some new theatre speakers soon for one of the rooms. Here's the info on the three rooms:
Room 1: living room. About 20'x14' klipsch speaker system already set up, all hooked up to reciever 1, no changes made to room
Room 2: modern game room. About 14'x10'. Computer speakers run from reciever 1, video run through splitter from receiver. Splitter splits the video between TVs in rooms 1 and 2. Plan to install theatre speakers
Room 3: retro game room. No speakers hooked up, av cables run through a modulator (I think that's what it's called) and hdmi hooked straight to TV. Needs a lot of work

I just got a new reciever and haven't hooked it up yet because I'm not sure how to go about the set up. Right now room 2 has the computer speakers which I plan to replace with theatre speakers but is there any way to hook 2 sets of speakers up with 1 reciever? Like maybe a box that takes 1 hdmi cable and just has speaker ports? Something really simple and fairly cheap. If not then should I get a third reciever? I don't really have a place to put a third one. My original plan was to hook reciever 2 up to room 3 and run speakers from it through the room. That rooms small though so a better plan would be to run the computer speakers in there and hook theatre speakers to room 2 (sorry if I'm repeating myself, this whole thing confuses me) but if there's not a way to hook 2 sets of speakers to 1 reciever then I would need to put the reciever in room 2. I want to avoid that because its such a waste. That room only has 2 things running to it while room 3 has 9 things hooked up.

Another question I had. Would it be possible to link 2 receivers? Like can you take 2 receivers, run an hdmi out of reciever 1s hdmi out into a splitter that splits between tv1 and reciever 2, then run a cord the same way from reciever 2 and split it between tv3 and reciever 1? I want to eventually have everything running to all 3 TVs from 1 single location in the house
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The box that "takes 1 hdmi cable and [ ] has speaker ports" is a receiver. You have to take the dolby or dts signal provided through hdmi, convert it to pcm, decode the pcm to analog and amplify it before you "just" go to the speakers.

Otherwise I'm not going to be much help on whole house distribution. I know it can be done, but I don't know that it can be done too cheaply. There's a length restriction on hdmi, as I understand it, that causes bad reception once the cable gets too long, so you need a repeater that reamplifies the HDMI (I think). You can run multiple audio zones from some receivers, allowing you to have video and stereo sound in a separate room, but it typically requires analog connections to the main reciever, so no HDMI out to remote rooms.. .
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Oh no this is a tiny house. Room 3 is less than 3 feet from reciever 1 and room 2 is about 4 feet away. We've got everything hooked up through the walls but I can only run so many cords between 3 points so I try to keep the cords down as much as possible. I guess you could say I'm looking for a basic reciever for room 2. All I've been able to find while looking for a basic reciever are the Sony ones that are 3d ready and support 5 hdmis and all that craziness. I just need to hook up one thing to some speakers, surely there's a way to do that simply.
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