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BIC PL 200 / lava LSP12 / HSU STF-2

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I am new to this forum and feel little overwhelmed with the reviews of different subs, especially PL200/ LSP12/ HSU STF2. My budget is around $300 and all the ones I mentioned fall around that budget. HSU STF2 will be stretching my budget but may consider if it will give me the most home theater feeling.

I have Onkto TX-NR509 receiver, Polk Audio New Monitor 65T front speakers, Polk Audio 45B book shelf and 25C center speaker system. I play music and movies for equal amount and do play games on PS3 too. I listen to all kinda music, rock, metal, country music, R&B as well as some slow songs too. I don't have my room dimension as of now but I would say it's medium sized living room attached to kitchen so it does make it look big.

If I have to buy one which will give most complete Home Theater feeling irrespective of what i am listening, which one I should pick? Is anyone out here who has listen to all of the three subwoofers?

Thank you!!
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At under $300, the PL-200 is the most recommended sub in this forum; at under $400, the Hsu-STF2 is likely the most highly recommended. At ~$300 when on sale, the Klipsch RW-12D is considered the best value; at ~$500-600 when not on sale, the Klipsch is not considered competitive. The Klipsch RW-12D was discontinued about six months ago but some retailers still offer it (but typically not at the sale price).

The STF-2 will play slightly lower than the PL-200 and is very good with music. I have the Hsu STF-2 in a small system; my son has the PL-200.

http://www.hometheaterforum.com/forum/thread/189521/hsu-research-stf-2-subwoofer-test-review - STF-2 review by Ed Mullen.

Check the review of the PL-200 among a set of excellent reviews by Josh Ricci at www.data-bass.com. You could also consider the Premier Acoustic PA-150 (~$400) that is reviewed at data-bass.com which is very loud but has significant level fall-off below 35 Hz.

If your listening area is quite large (sum volumes of living room and connected kitchen), no entry-level sub will adequately fill it.

Consider the PL-200. You could always purchase a second if it does not fill your listening area.

According to owners and measurements, the LSP12 will play quite loud above 40 Hz but has very severe drop off below 35 Hz. You need to start reading about half way through the set of comments on the LSP12 in this forum.
http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/subwoofers/lsp12-subwoofer - Lava LSP-12 - drops off substantially below 35 Hz
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I own both the Klipsch RW-12d and the Bic pl-200. Both are fantastic subs that hit VERY hard.
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Thank you for the reply. So between HSU STF -2 and PL 200 which will give a better HT experience. I read that PL 200 is better for movies and HSU is better for music. But which of the two will give overall better HT performance for 400 sq ft living room. Thanks!!
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A number of individuals in the PL-200 forum have upgraded to the Hsu STF-2 and consistently stated that it was better. If your listening area is open to another area, you should sum the volumes. If your area is 3200 cubic feet (i.e., eight foot ceiling), then either the PL-200 or the Hsu STF2 should be minimally adequate.
For significant bass, you should get two of each or move to a significantly better subwoofer such as the Hsu VTF3.4 or some of the subwoofers from Outlaw.
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