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$45 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Pioneer VSX5900s (probably as two-channel amp)

Will Ship To: Southern California

I'm selling my old Pioneer AVR. The preamp/processor part definitely works. I haven't used it for amplification in years, but that should work. (The only known problem is a flickering light on the volume knob. ) I also have a working remote. (No box and probably no manual.)

The left and right channels are 105 watts each (into 8 ohms). I believe it can be hooked up purely as an amp and think it's worth doing that if someone has the want/need. I don't.

I prefer to sell within Southern California. Soon I'll probably have a not-as-old subwoofer for sale, which I could include at less than its value. Also, I would be interested in trading for a digital camera.