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HT Receiver For My Klipsch KG Setup

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Hi. I'm looking for some advice on a new receiver. I used to post on here when I had more free time and money to feed the hobby. But for the last few years, I've been enjoying my setup which is as follows:

KG-4 mains
KV-2 center
KG-1 surrounds
(and a Panasonic plasma that the forums helped me settle on)

I've been using a Pioneer VSX-D510 receiver. Looking to upgrade to one with 3 HDMI inputs, and a simple and solid remote. I don't plan on upgrading to 7.2 anytime soon, and plan to use this receiver to power these speakers and possibly a sub at some point for a long time. The main reason I'm getting a new one is because I'll be adding an Apple TV soon, and there's no input available as the Pioneer only has 1 optical and 1 digital coax.

What would you guys recommend? I'm trying to keep it under $300, but if you recommend some up to $500, I would be willing to wait until I can find a refurb or a used version. I'm keen on the idea of getting older models as well. Only other thing to consider is the fact that the KG-4's are rated at 6-ohms and the KG-1's are 8-ohms. I've been out of the game so long that I forget what this even means for me logistically. And what about the fact that the mains are rated for 100w rms, the center 75w, and the rears 50w?

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Anybody at all familiar with these speakers and their needs?
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I just purchased the HK 3600 from eBay, I think it's pretty good @ $400, but it definitely lacks networking.

Maybe the Onkyo 709, or Denon 2113.
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Amazon has the Harmon-Kardon AVR 1700 for $340 right now; it usually goes for closer to $500, so that is a very good deal.
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Thanks. I've taken a look at them. But my question still is what receiver is good for these specific speakers? If those recommendations were chosen for this specific setup, why? I'm a little confused as to what power per channel I should be looking for.
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bump. anyone? should this be in the speakers section?

I seem to remember this forum being a lot more lively.
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It doesn't take much power to run Klipsch's. Your's are 94db so don't worry too much about power. For 500, I would grab the Onkyo 717 right now.

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any modern AVR will have no problems with your speakers.

look around the forum... your question has been asked/answered numerous times already. Onkyo or Denon seem to be the most popular. I like my Denon 1613... A4L usually has some good refurb deals.
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I always liked Marantz with Klipsch ...
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