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New DIY Screen build for Optoma HD33 (134")

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Long time lurker, first time poster here. I am completely new to the Projector and home theater world and have been reading on this forum quite a lot of information from the experts. But it feels like drinking from a fire hose with the amount of information that is out there.

I am building a home theater room in my house. The room is 13' x 20' with cathedral ceilings (going from 10' to 15'), white walls, white ceiling and a lot of windows on one of the walls (the 20' wall).

Equipment/ Gear:
1. Projector : Optoma HD33 (will be ceiling mounted). 1800 lumens and I will be using the 3D feature.
2. Reciever: Onkyo NR818
3. Speakers: Energy Take 5.1 and 2 additional bookshelfs to make a 7.1 system.

Currently there is a lot of ambient light coming in because of the windows, which are not covered with any window treatments. In next phase of my project (probably next year) I will cover the windows with treatments that have BOC backing. The next phase will also include painting the room and the ceiling a darker color to have a better perceived contrast.

What I am thinking:
The primary purpose of the room will be 60% TV, 30% Movies, 10% games. I will also use the
With all the information I read, I am leaning towards a 6mm Sintra to be framed (black border) and installed on the wall which is 13' wide.
I am also planning to use every piece of the available real estate and hence I will use the "Super wide" feature of the Optoma HD33 to project a 2:1 image on a 10'x5' Sintra.
This project will be done over the course of next couple of months, as I am going to get a handyman to help me with running the speaker wires through the walls, Projector mounting etc.

Still to purchase:
1. No Name Sprayer
2. Paint for the Sintra and the tools required to go with the painting.
3. kiln dried Poplar Pine for frame
4. Black border from Joanns fabric for the border.
5. Build an HTPC to catch OTA TV and to project movies.

My questions:
1. What should I paint the Sintra with? S-I-L-V-E-R or RS_MAXMUDD LL or something entirely different? The projector is going to be 16'4" away and project on a 134" screen. Since I will also be using the 3D feature and have ambient light coming in during day. I am not sure which mix will give me the appropriate gain to have a nice great awesome screen.
2. Where can I buy a 6mm Sintra (10'x5') in Sacramento/Folsom region of California?
3. What is the SKU or name of the fabric to buy from Joanns (for the border)?
4. Are there any things I should watch out for as a newbie?

Thanks for all the advice doled out on this site and hope to chart my progress here as I slowly build the room.
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Welcome to AVS's DIY Screen Forum ! Always good to have another stalwart DIY'er come in from La La Land.

Sacramento eh? Close to Stockton...my old stompin' grounds. ('82-'84 )

Well the first thing you have to accept is that in 3D mode, the HD33's lumen output will drop precipitously. (ie: A Lot! ) Combine that with a goodly sized screen (134") *and* basically unrestricted ambient light, and your priority just has to change to allow for effective window coverings...or a restriction to viewing most content in the evening.

S-I-L-V-E-R is the way to go for 3D if your viewing conditions are under control. If not, standard RS-MaxxMudd would come in second. There are a few other considerations, one being Silver Fire 1.0 that will work well once you do in fact have sufficient control over "Sunlight" induced ambient light. It doesn't have the gain of S-I-L-V-E-R, but it does have considerably more "ambient light" performance.

Otherwise, excepting watching in very subdued lighting...or in the dark, your overall performance isn't going to be nearly what you hope or expect.

Stark reality talking here.....and it's not all gloom & doom if you simply readjust your thinking just a little.

As for all the rest, we can address your needs as they come to bear, and it's in your favor that your not rushing to get it done in time for Super Sunday. biggrin.gif

One thing you might consider is looking at other PJ alternatives in the meanwhile. Just say'in.
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Thanks for the detailed response, MMan!
Your depth of knowledge and willingness to help a brother is astounding.
Since I have already bought the PJ, I am stuck with it. I am however going to look at effective window coverings (BOC backed window coverings) to ensure maximum light control. I will also try to paint the walls and ceiling a darker shade (not decided on the colors yet).
3D viewing would be a very limited exercise for me. So I believe I will go ahead with your recommendation of S-I-L-V-E-R.

Thanks again. Go 49'ers
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Originally Posted by vamba1 View Post

3D viewing would be a very limited exercise for me. So I believe I will go ahead with your recommendation of S-I-L-V-E-R.
Thanks again. Go 49'ers

Be sure to get everything in order and be certain of technique before squirting.

As for the Game....sorry for your chances....GO Ravens!
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WalMart has some "energy conserving" blackout drapes very reasonable priced. I have the "Eclipse" energy conserving drapes and they do a pretty good job of blocking light, although I see now that they have velvet energy conserving panels that would give more of a theater look.
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Sorry, I am with MM on this one...Go Ravens!
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Thanks, I will check out the black out drapes at walmart on my next trip.
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