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My "water heater" has arrived. At first look I was concerned, the box had substantial damage and it was not double boxed. After unpacking everything I can see no apparent physical damage.
Hookup will have to wait until tomorrow, I thought I had a Y adapter....but I don't....

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Duplicate post...
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Well, I got a Y adapter and got everything hooked up.
Initial down and dirty setup...

All trim levels set to 0
Speaker distances set to approximately the correct distances

Used SPL meter to roughly set sub gain levels.
Did not run Audyssey, so no room correction at this time.

Initial thoughts...

I played the first attack scene from Master and Commander
Cranked the volume to -5db (I know it's not accurate yet)

With the SVS sub set at 50Hz there is no way I should be able to "Localize it" but I could..
Perhaps I just wanted to hear it, so I did. It's about 5 feet away from my chair, it was almost like I could feel the pressure from it....I don't know...

At this point, I am looking forward to getting everything dialed in so I can hear what it can really do....
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Why no audyssey?
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Originally Posted by pokekevin View Post

Why no audyssey?

It was just a quick down and dirty setup when I got home from work. A more painstaking setup attempt will hopefully happen this weekend.
I'm waiting for a sound card and some cables so I can get my laptop hooked up to do some room sweeps with REW in all of the subs various tuning modes.
I want to find out what the room likes best before running Audyssey....
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I am completely lost with REW, I know the results are not correct.
I've gone over the sound card calibration steps at least 30 times, the results look like they should.
I've tried loop back multiple times. I have checked and unchecked SPL "C weighted" ...etc

Every time I try to measure, I get this...

There is no way in H*&% this is correct...
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