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Journey to Buying a cheap Lamp

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Guys are asking if it's worth it to buy a cheap knock off lamp versus the more expensive Original lamp.

I found a Lamp from a local dealer for a Optoma TX1080 "BL-FU300A " for 175$ vs the $760 I was quoted from sellers on Amazon.

The Company selling made it clear it was a knock off, but would work.

Figure no loss give it a try, received the Lamp and noticed it wasn't quite as bright, but for $175 it was good enough.

193 hours later the colors became blurred, I turned off the machine checked the lamp and noticed the back mirror looked melted.

Sent it back for a replacement, put the replacement in and noticed it didn't sit quite right, but was able to close the Projector door(should have been a Flag).

Start it up, a Blue arc flashed out of the unit, shut it off, take the Original lamp that I had, and noticed the measurements on the new lamp was a 1/8 wider at the base(Lamps are wedge shaped).

Send that back, get another Lamp, put it in, the projector lasted 10 minutes before the back mirror on this one shattered...

Give up, send it back for refund.

Order from a different Company "MyProjectorLamps, I asked is this an Optoma Lamp" I was told it was. Buy this lamp for $233.

Put this lamp in the projector, it wouldn't even start up, now im wondering maybe there's something wrong with my projector, I send it in to Optoma and at the same time, send the latest lamp back to the dealer, wait for both to return.

The Projector came back first, $147 to repair the Foto Sensor board ( remember the Blue Arc).

Anyway the replacement lamp from the second Company comes in, I put it in, the projector comes on for 15 seconds and reboots, it does this until the Lamp Light comes on.

Ask for a refund,

Go back on Amazon and buy from a Company that is selling the lamp I need, it had the lowest prices compared to other companies on Amazon but it's an Original Lamp.

The price $369, It came in, put in the projector, it works right away and has been running for 50 hours so far, colors are amazing.

First thing I noticed was the packaging all said Optoma and the Box is sealed, unlike the others that had screws that didn't even match.

Sooo after 4 months, Yes this took from September until Jan, my Projector is up and running.

One thing I will say is the customer service from all the companies was great, no problems with returns..

But never ever again... go with Original at the best price you can get it.

Final tally, shipping 5 lamps, $90, 1 repair $147 + $339 for last working lamp = $576 and 4 months of dicking around.

Should have started with a quality lamp at the start.
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I sympathize with your situation, but at $400 for an OEM lamp for my Marantz VP4001P (same as the Sharp xv-Z3000) and a 2nd lamp blowing at less then 2000 hours (just like the first), I am trying an aftermarket lamp at 1/4 the cost based upon a recommendation from a fellow board member. I would prefer an OEM, but $400 dollars is crazy on a $1000 projector. Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes, but I'm very close to throwing in the towel and buying a new projector. For the record, the Marantz VP4001 is a GREAT projector (even if it is 720P) EXCEPT for lamp life and lamp replacement price.
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It might work for you, the bulb in this projector is 300 Watts, so maybe yours being smaller will work.

The biggest issue for me was after the 4th bulb I really didn't know what the problem was anymore, was it the cheap bulbs or the projector itself.

You would think even a cheap bulb would last a few hours.

If you can get 1500 hours or so on a $150 bulb, I would think it would be worth it.

Good Luck
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