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Best AVR for Paradigm Monitor 11.v7 5.1.

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I recently bought Paradigm Monitor 11.v7 standfloor speakers, in coming months I'm going to buy rest of 5.1 configuration.

My living room is about 50m2. I want this setup to be as universal as possible, tv, games and music. I listen to all kinds of music.

So now I need to choose AVR, I am considering 3 models:

1. Yamaha RX-A1020 - some people told me it has not enough bass for those speakers.
2. Harman AVR 370 - some people told me it has best bass from all those three
3. Denon AVR-2313.

Which one would be the best and why ? Thanks for all suggestions.
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Anyone ? Please.
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Bumping once again, last time smile.gif Please help.
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I work at a shop where we sell the Yamaha and Denon AVRs you asked about, so I have first hand experience with those, but not the HK. I would have to say that both the 1020 and 2313 are well built, musical sounding units. You get a lot for the money with the Yamaha Aventage series for sure. What I don't like about how Yamaha designs their units is the severe taper they give to the volume control. I.e., a person has to crank the heck out of it to get any volume at all, coming close to 0dbs, as they label it. I will say, any bass frequency shortcomings can be equalized for with the Yamaha.
For the casual user though, I prefer the audio EQ presets on the Denon, and ultimately even more on units like Onkyo's 616, 717, or their Integra divisions' DTR series . Onkyo and Integra use more straightforward naming conventions for the presets, and they include THX Cinema modes, which actually work quite well when the system is not being fully calibrated. Test drive an Onkyo TX-NR717 if you can.
If I had to suggest one based on those you originally asked about, I would prob say the Denon. It will save you a few bucks over the Aventage too.
As usual, best thing you can do is get to a locally owned shop and test out the units you are interested in.
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Thanks for your reply. I was looking at Onkyo as well, but they don't have Airplay - which is a must-have feature for me.

Yep, I have heard from few more people that Denon would be a better choice than Yamaha in this case, but nobody could compare Denon to HK - so thats whats interesting me a lot.
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Also, bass won't be a problem: invest in a nice sub, also from paradigm, you could do their matching Monitor Sub 10 or 12, to keep it well under a grand. A Velodyne Optimum10, or used SPL1000 is always a great option too.
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Yes, Harmon comparison would be interesting. For better or worse, at the end of the day, most of the AVRs are made in similar Malaysian factories with similar components. Each company chooses the pairings and changes some processing, but that's about it.
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How about Marantz ?
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Have used older(5years) marantz equipment, but nothing recent. They are owned by the same company that owns Denon, D&M Holdings. As with the other brands, they use a lot of similar internal components.
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And do they sound simmilar ? smile.gif
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